Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, the movie Fashion!! Just saw it with some work friends!!!
Not a bad movie at all actually!!!! Pretty ok for a one time watch... some parts were overdone.. Priyanka chopra and bitchy didnt go that well!!! But Kangana was quite good even though she went over the top with her coke sniffing scenes at times!!!! I wonder why all her roles are like this! Hmmm... but anyway, there was one scene i really liked - the scene in which priyanka chopra wakes next to some random guy... and then realises the depth she fallen to.. and tries to wipe off her make up as if by doing that she would be able to wipe out / undo whatever shes done!!!! Shes good!!!

Arbaaz Khan is quite wasted.. he doesnt exude power.. like... at all!!!!! I liked the newcomer Mughda Godse too!!!

The movie itself was quite good.. extremely matter of fact... possibly thats how things are in that industry.. only the bit about priyanka chopra breaking down and then going back home and then trying again was a bit too prolonged!!! The wardrobe malfunction scene was quite nicely done i must say!!!!

So all in all a decent movie!

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