Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hitting 30.. someone please enlighten me

So whats so special.. every decade seems like that.. when i was in my teens it was all about hitting 20.. now it is about 30.. and then these days in the newspaper you see and read about hitting 40 and going great guns etc etc

So well, basically i am hitting 30 next year! And no its not top of mind for me.. as of now.. putting a post on it today as somebody raised this topic at lunch.. and she mentioned that there are changes post 30.. and that you will feel it yourself!!!!!!!

I dont feel any different.. at all.. i am sure there have been changes in me.. but thats part of life.. exposure to the big bad world (!!!), different circumstances etc.. but the changes are continuous.. not related to a particular age band!

But "30" mark is something that everyone talks about.. and i am not able to understand why.. of course, one reason is the "biological reason" which everyone gives me... which also i fail to see.. but besides that what else..

Friends (the serial) had even one whole episode dedicated to the 30th birthday!!! I mean, what is it about 30.. except in research parlance you have moved into another age band.. why is 30 such a watershed year.. will somebody educate me please..

BTW recently, someone (who doesnt know me well) said "so tomorrow what time do you need to go to school".. a slip of tongue actually.. she did know i was working!!! lol..


Scarlett said...

I guess b/c 30 is the age when most people get the "what the F have I been doing with my life till now?" kind of panic attack :)

Moonshine said...

But why do people realise this when they they are 30.. why not before.. why not after.. why is 30 the magic figure?

Meenakshy said...

1)cos u cant call urself a 20 soemthing anymore.
2)cos the average life expectancy of 60, is half way through and u got only ur other half now..
3)Mostly 30 is hte age our parents were whn we started seeing them and unkwingly we might hav the notion of becoming as responsible/successfull/matured by the time we hit 30...but sadly we are nowhere near..but we still have 40 waiting for us...:))

Moonshine said...

2 point i agree with.. maybe you are halfway to your life.. 30 more years and you retire at least..possible..