Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here are some questions... harry potter trivia

At work, a couple of days back, we were discussing Harry Potter.. an impromptu quiz happened.. intially we all asked simple questions.. the complexity went on increasing.. damn these guys are also good.. i thought i would be better but...

So some questions for you crazy people (as freaky as me).. crazy about harry potter..... And DO NOT GOOGLE FOR ANSWERS OR READ THE BOOK etc

So putting up a few questions ----
1) What are Harry Potter's kids name? In fact what was Lupin and Tonks' kids name?
2) What is Tonks' real name?
3) What is Malfoy's moms name?
4) There are 3 gifts that Dumbledore gives to Harry, Ron and Hermonie.. he gives Hermonie a book.. whats the books name?
5) What is Luna Lovegood's fathers name?
6) What is the actual prophecy? And who says(!) the prophecy? Full name please..
7) What is the incantation that Harry uses during the first dragon challenge in the Triwizard tournament?
8) Mad eyed Moody was not himself in Goblet of Fire. Who was Mad eyed Moody actually in this book? Name the character.
9) What is Harry's wand made of?
10) What is the bus conductor's name (he appears in Prisoner of azkaban and the last book)?
11) What is the name of the spider?
12) What kind of creature is buckbeak?
13) When someone sees the snake (chamber of secrets), what do they become?
14) What is Harry's uncles name? Whats their address?
15) Who is the good looking centaur teacher they have?
16) What is the Defence against the dark arts teachers name in Chmber of secrets?
17) Name all Ministers of magic.
18) Where were Harrys parents buried? Name the place.
19) Who is Dumbledore's adversary?
20) What is the name of Harry's wand maker?

So no cheating people!! You can contribute with more questions of your own!!!


Scarlett said...

I got 8,9,11,12,14,15,16..that's 7/20...only :( How many did you get right?

Moonshine said...

Answers.. whichever i know..

1) Albus / Lily / Severus (i think).. cant remember Tonks kids name
2) Nymphadora (this i got)
3)Narcissa (this also i got after a few mins)
4)Bard of beetle (i think)
5)This i cant rem except it started with X
6)i remember one line.. "dark lord will mark him as his equal".. sybil trelawney says it
7)Accio .. this i got
8) Barty Crouch Junior.. this i got
9) Besdies phoenix feather i couldnt rem
10)Stanley Shunpike.. this i got
11)Aragog .. got
12)Hippogriff.. didnt get
13)Petrified .. didnt rem
14)Vernon, 14 Privet Drive little whingeing.. this i got
15)Firenze - didnt get
16)was it lockhart or something?
18)Godric Hollow.. didnt get it
19)Grindelwald.. got
20)cant rem.. Didnt get it earlier too..

So thats 10 fully correct out of 20 (not counting the part answers)!!! lol

the-mommie said...

nicely done!

I hate to admit it, but I just don't remember any of these details anymore! I must have got 2/20!! Shameful!

Moonshine said...

time to read it again!!!! :)