Monday, November 3, 2008

Women power

Well, I had to write bout this!!! I was watching Chak De yesterday and immediately felt the need to put in a post and the feeling has not passed yet!!!!

There are many movies about women power like... ho hummm... khoon bhari maang .. cant think of the other movie with dimple kapadia in it.. rats!!!... then, damini etc... many of these movies have been revenge centric... lajja was another one.. not revenge centric but generally on the plight of women across different classes..

But none of them show women kicking b**t like that one scene in Chak De... the McD's scene wherein all these hockey players bash up these eve teasers!!!! It was just too good!!! I always cheer when the scene comes on... its nothing radical.. like women picking up guns etc.. but an everyday scene wherein guys tease girls!!! That scene when they slap the guys left right and center evoke a thunderous applause (from me anyway) always!!! And i feel great.. exhuberant (have i spelt it right)... would want to do that with all these eve teasers i have encountered in my life.. get them to stand in one line, and slap them!!!

And during college days we encountered many as we used to travel by local bus in Delhi .. as we used to walk from our college to the busstop (about 15 mins walk).. and once we got really scared.. there were 2-3 ppl in the van who chased us right till the college in the morning.. they would stop their van in front of us.. we would cross the road and they would take a U turn and come back.. quite horrifying.. and no PCR in site too.. we ran the last stretch to college.. and the morons stalked us till the gate!!!

But anyway, what i meant was just seeing that scene makes me feel good.. even though it is a movie.. i feel vindicated!!! And none of the other "women" movies have made me feel as good as that one scene did!!!

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