Wednesday, November 19, 2008

passport size photographs...

I hate them..

This happened just yesterday... for some client, we had to put our team credentials on the presentation... somebody suggested putting pics alongside the experience... looks so much better!!!
So began the hunt for passport size pics... it was hilarious actually.. everybody was looking extermely strange in their pics.. as is usually the case with passport size photographs..

My pic.. i look like a boy ....had just got a hair cut and had tied my hair tightly completely off my face.. so in effect i look like a school going kid.. also when giving the snap, the guy must have stretched my face or whatever.. so i look bloated... like i have been in water for 10 days!!!!
In fact this lady from the other team came and told me.. "dont you have a more recent photograph... one that looks like you... and I was like "this was clicked in May!!!!! As recent as it could be...."..Thank god the clients met me before meeting my photograph!!!

And this is one of my better photographs... so you can imagine!!! My license photograph was awful.. i look as i have seen a ghost.. and my company id photograph - i look like a ghost!!! Like a martian from another planet!!! And i dont even want to get into my voters id, pan card etc photos...

Anyway, all the photographs put together.. one person looks like hes been playing golf.. another one like a dead fish (as Bertie often calls people)... another one as if going on a long holiday.. one as if have just come out from jail or something... so yesterday even after this was over.. i was on a laughing binge.. would think about it and laugh... or call people over and show this assortment of snaps.. all lunatics...
i wonder what will the clients think when they see it.. at least we would have had made them laugh!!!!! :)

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