Monday, November 17, 2008

Grand travel plans

We have started planning our travel.. yet again.. but this time it seems that it will happen...

I am extremely excited.. we are planning to travel to Ooty and Conoor during christmas time!!! Actually earlier we were planning to travel to Pondicherry.. but every place we called up is sold out.. fully!!!! So Pondicherry is not happening, at least right now!!!

Ooty , there are still places available.. maybe its due to the fact that its winters.. So we drive down on 25th.. and come back on 28th!!! Hopefully it should happen!! I am so looking forward to going on the toy train.. never been on one!!!!

Yesterday, we (my husband and i).. sat together.. armed with books and maps.. to decide on where to go.. the entire evening we were plotting and planning!!!

The more places you check.. the more confusing it is.. everytime i was like.. oh lets go here... wait wait we can go to this place as well.. now there are so many places on my list.. phew

But will definitely try.. next year will be better .. for travel.. We have already talked about 3-4 places we want to go to next year.. lets see if we are able to manage it!!! At least i plan to make plans for the entire year!!!! :-)


the-mommie said...

excellent! i'm glad to see ur back on the road! Those baby sized vacations are the best parts from the year. I still remember our important events based on the vacations we took in that year!

Moonshine said...

Well... not back yet.. hope to be :)

I think i am in love with the idea of traveling.. the entire run upto the actual travel..

BUt unfortunately, not many of these plans have materialised.. which we hope to rectify this year.. the best part is you get to spend so much time together!!!