Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So what do we do?

The question is what can we do? We have talked, cribbed about politics, politicians.. As citizens of this country, what is it that we can do to help fight terrorism?

When i asked myself this, it took me sometime to think of a few basic things we can do -
1) Stop cribbing - we keep cribbing (me included) about the state of the system, about how useless everything is.. about corruption etc etc.. yes it does exist.. but by talking in groups and not doing anything about it makes it more frustrating..its easy to pass critiques.. judgement.. but we are not in that "somebody's" situation... maybe we need to ask ourselves what is it that we can do

2) Vote - we are the people who should be voting.. we slam the politicians .. but we only elect them right? Or rather we dont bother to go and vote and still expect leaders who get elected to take the right decisions, govern the country in the right way.. and yes before the thought even comes.. yes there are only such people to choose from... but let us exercise what is our fundamental right.. show that we have the power!!

3) Career - On the subject of politicians.. we do not encourage anyone in the family to take up politics.. anyone joining the government servises is looked down upon.. even i am guilty of doing that!! We cannot change the system from outside.. we have to be right there.. in the system.. join the forces, join politics.. be the change you want to see as Gandhi ji said!

4) Alertnes and Responsibility - how many of us actually are responsible citizens.. if you see something.. would you inform the concerned authorities? Be it terrorism, accidents.. whatever it maybe... how many of us actually stop to think about what we "just saw" maybe on our way to work.. and thought .. "oh there are people around, someone or the other will take care of it".. or "i will look so silly"! First step in the right direction - Be alert and inform people.

The basic 4 steps i could think of.. you tell me if there are more.. what is it that we can do....

You know what.... We are the change we are seeking!!!


The knife said...

and as marketing folks we know that if we don't vote we are not the target audience and there won't be 'products' meant fo us

Moonshine said...

Exactly!!! The other day we discussing this at our lunch table.. there were hardly any people who voted.. and mostly people said.. all the parties are in any case as bad!! And thats why attendance is so low!!! We shoudl do something about this.. at least talk to people.. look at our own circle of friends!!

BTW i was in bombay.. couldnt meet .. there were hordes of people ..in a queue.. outside ur cabin!!!