Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My first day at the gym

I am happy.

So finally i did make it to the gym. Throughout the day i was quite morose.. its the weather i think.. i am sunshine girl really.. and cold weather, nip in the air is not my cup of tea.. i woke up in the morning.. and the day looked so dreary... maybe also because my parents left yesterday... dragged my feet to the office.. mailed / messaged my friends telling them how bored i am.. i had quite a lot of work mind you.. but there are these days when one is so dull..

And i absolutely didnt wanna go to the gym.. i just wanted to go home.. and do nothing.. mope around..

But i did.. go to the gym.. and i am glad.. i am actually feeling chirpy and better.. this lady took my family history.. checked my BMI .. which 19.6 (normal apparently) and then asked me why do want to join a gym.. i was like stamina.. toning up.. general fitness... she was like.. yeah weight loss ...definitely not!!!! So they did a fitness test.. inital warm up was quite ok.. then the treadmill.. and she said.. your stamina levels are extremely poor.. i couldnt do one of the weight exercise.. as in i did upto 1 level... at the 2nd i felt my muscles are gonna tear or something... but then felt embaraased at not being able to do so as the instructor went on asking me .. sure.. one more... just try once..(literally pleading.. maybe in the history of the gym, theres no one who have not done at least 2 levels)).. so finally i said ok.. i will give it one more shot.. and i did do it but my shoulders were smarting after that!!! lol.. that woman must be laughing at my levels!!! But anyway, i was the slimmest there!!!

And i had thought.. my body parts would be all falling out.. i would probably need to cajole them back together.. but it didnt happen.. slight pain in the muscles.. but thats about it.. in fact if i remember correctly, i felt worse when i used to walk..

The point being.. i dont know why it made me feel good.. i am back to my normal self.. morose face / mood almost gone!!! I am glad that i went to the gym!!
First day at gym.. not bad.. not bad at all!!!! :)

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