Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy post part 2 - this is how a weekend should be like

Ultra lazy.

Yeah, thats about the best way of describing blissful, close to perfect weekends..

Like today ... evening is young.. many many hours to go.. and lo and behold tom is sunday!! :)
This time on a saturday is usually just purrrfect!!! Hmmmm

I used to wake up (a few yrs back) directly around lunch time and then promptly go back to sleep. I have of course taken a turn for the worse (or some say better) and get back up at around 8.30-9.00am.. my parents still get shocked when i call them at that time.. why are you up so early they say.. they are just not able to get over it..

Anyway, today woke up at 10.30.. waking up for me is a process.. which i thoroughly indulge in during weekends.. which means i wake up.. stare at the ceiling for a bit.. stretch.. then again stare.. look around.. nap some more.. wake up.. sit for a while.. hunt for hairband .. mobile... and then finally wake up!!! And of course I am never properly awake till i have my tea. I am a total tea drinker.. and the drink has to be made in the perfect way.. which obviously no one else but I make.. a tough ask of myself, esp over the weekend.. but what to do (tea deserves another post actually.. will elaborate next time)..

Post tea + paper .. it is time for... you would think breakfast... but most of the times, no it is not.. i am not a morning person.. and i really admire women/ men who are able to go into the kitchen and start their day by making breakfast. Dont get me wrong, i love breakfast.. absolutely love it.. if someone makes it or buys it or takes me to it. Of course a few days of the year, i do go into that much trouble (the deal is, if we breakfast then no lunch as usually by the time i finish making breakfast its already 11-11.30 OR if we lunch then no breakfast.. seldom have i been able to manage both) .. so we usually manage the breakfast time with some biscuits + tea.. basically starve ourselves till lunchtime...

By around 11-12, i am up and running and then make lunch. And then we hog as we have been starving all thsi while ..Post lunch I am too tired.. and immediately curl down in my bed with a book and drop off when reading. Post lunch nap on weekend is the best part of the weekend i think.. just the thought of even the remotest possibility of sleeping during the day makes me feel as if i have attained nirvana. I LOVE IT!!!!

But of course, I cant sleep too much (not cant, dont want to).. coz then when I wake up, it would be dark.. and I start feeling cranky as the day has just gone past.. wasted.. as if feeling woozy isnt bad enough.

Dinner outside.. some wine.. nice!!!!

Sunday - same pattern.. except a nice romantic english movie or an old hindi comedy movie (amol palekar types) ..or even a nice mallu comedy(very rare nowadays)...on the telly in the afternoon.. bliss..

And in between all this, i usually rush to the theatre for some movie or the other... a weekend can never be complete without one... so many a times, we watch the morning show.. less money and then once awake (if awake) i feel happy as even after the movie the entire day lies ahead of you!!! Some shopping (even though i am not a shopping person.. i feel happy looking at the all the things bought esp if bought for me) and my weekend is done!!!! Happily done.

And there are many variations to the perfect weekend theme.. but will get into it some other time!!!! Right now my bucket full of hot water awaits me!!!! :)


FilmAsia said...

Nice blog you got there.

If you like to watch Asian movies welcome to check out mine, updates daily!

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Scarlett said...

I think I'll tag myself to your blog & write on my weekend story as well :) I love weekends!!!

Moonshine said...

@FilmAsia Thanks for reading my posts!!! I do like watching Indian Movies.. havent evolved to Asian yet!!! :)

@Scarlett lol!!! Weekends are fun.. but i am gonna have a mood swing in about a few hrs (my monday morning blues start sunday evening)!!!

Moonshine said...

@ Scarlett

Evening dinner out didnt happen.. we ahd pakodas + wine (strange combo) and then watched Oye Lucky Lucky Oye on TV!!! :)

Plan to go out for a brunch today!!! :)

The knife said...

I am not much of an early riser too. We normally get up at around 11 and end up having breakfast at 12 at Candies. Today my idyllic Sunday went wrong as I am Gur..blo%$^...gaon as I cam in a night before for some presentations on Monday to avoid the fog. Am at a guest house which is as dead as the gaon

Moonshine said...

@Knife.. isnt the delhi guesthouse at Def col? If you stay there.. go to flavours right next door (well almost).. nice italian joint.. and you could try Big Chill too (again italian).. have belgian chocolate icecream.. its fun esp during winters..:)

Moonshine said...

@Knife.. isnt the delhi guesthouse at Def col? If you stay there.. go to flavours right next door (well almost).. nice italian joint.. and you could try Big Chill too (again italian).. have belgian chocolate icecream.. its fun esp during winters..:)

Or go to Qutub Institutional area.. in front of IIFT there are these dhabas.. they serve awesome, and i really mean awesome parathas.. big ones.. and they will ask you if you wnat butter.. in case you do.. you will get this big chunk of butter on a fork which you can liberally spread over ur paratha.. it would be literally flowing all over.. some hot tea.. and all this during winters .. my mouth is watering!!!

The knife said...

I wish I had read your post before I left. Actually not. I went with a bad throat and nose. So all the fried stuff and ice cream would have been murder. Especially since I had gone to make 2 presentations. Then I became deaf after the flight. And was staying at this cheap hotel, an apology of a guest house, arranged by myc client. How is the office guest house?

Moonshine said...

The office guest house is quite decent!! Apparently the guy there makes good food though didnt get a chance to sample it!!

But next time you must go to this paratha place!!! Chuck Italian.. that you get in Bombay too.. but parathas like these.. you will never get anywhere!!!

The knife said...

True. Italian in dilli is a bit stupid. The North Indian fare there is great. The tase of food and the quality of meats are far superior to Mumbai. I stuck to the conti fare because of my throat.
Sometime back we did try for parathas outside IIT at night after a car clinic when we were satying at the Ambassador. But everyhting was shut. I definitely want to do Chandni Chowk/ paratha galli once. Just not up to it when travelling alone