Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First day first show: Love Aaj Kal

Or not!!! I watched it today.. during the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres something about catching a movie during the week.. especially if you leave office (with permission) during office hours to do so.. it does not matter what movie you watch!!! Really!!

So off we went .. 6 of us to watch Love Aaj Kal. I was not too sure what to expect... the reviews were good. The songs are decent. Some people who watched it trashed it. But then again, it is Imtiaz Ali's movie.. so there is a Jab We Met baggage there...

And post watching the movie.. i still have mixed feelings!!! Let me explain how.

The movie is about new generation love vs old generation love.. as is evident from the title!! Saif Khan (Jai) and Deepika Padukone (Meera) play the new age couple in love.. who host a break up party.. how cool (?????).. supposedly the coolest thing on earth... which the new generation does.. they are very cool and hep couple.. who split up because their career requires them to be in different countries.. and obviously they dont believe in long distance relationships (new generation yet again)... though hold on.. here comes the small twist.. there is an oldie (Rishi Kapoor) who insists on dropping Jai to the airport so that he can see Meera off.. this despite her not wanting him to come to the airport.. but surprise surprise.. she likes it!!! Some hints as to how old traditional love still exists within us!!!

Saif Khan tries.. really hard or then again maybe not.. to play the "cool dude".. he looks and seems absolutely fake!!! Which is weird considering his role in Dil chahta hai where he was quite cool.. here its just pretend cool!!!!

So anyway, like the new generation is, they keep in touch.. he meets a phoren chick.. she meets Rahul Khanna (why was he even there in the movie.. such a waste).. and they carry on with their life.. in the background Rishi Kapoor keeps giving gyan to Saif Khan about old generation romance... his heydey role is also played by Saif Khan... and in fact he does quite well in the role of a young strapping sardar who keeps following this girl on his cycle. And this girl is apparently a Brazilian (Giselle Monteiro)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean in real life.. in the movie of course she is a sardarni.. and they have showed her as a normal plain jane.. instead of a girl with oodles of make up wherein they look anything but shy and sweet!!

So anyway thats how the story goes. It had some bits of HumTum i felt.. in the sense of the way they have shown time elapsing.. usually a movie shows a short period of time. I really liked the interplay of old and new stories .. I liked the old Saif Khan and Rishi Kapoor.. Did not like the oh so ostensibly cool Saif Khan (was so not cool and hep) or Deepika Padukone (she was ok types)!!!

The movie was sweet in parts.. grating (on nerves) in others.. so well i am sure i do not belong to the set of people who liked it. And i did not hate it either!! A fencesitter.. i guess..

Should you watch.. ho hum.. maybe .. maybe not...

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