Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So whats your excuse?

While i was thinking about what to post today.. its been a long time since i posted.. its become really sporadic i know.. and automatically my mind went into exploring reasons why... and i came up with..
1) lots of work..
2) late evenings..
3) too much socialisation
4) weekends i do not post
5) travel
.. you name it!!!! I dont even need to give any excuses (and this non blogging thing was just a thought in my own mind).. but i guess thats the way the mind is attuned.. any statement that starts with "you did not / have not..." and out flow this barrage of reasons .. "i could have but you know how it is like......"

And of late, gym is another thing i have been giving various excuses for.. maybe thats why excuses have become an auto mode reply for me.. you see when i joined the gym.. i told many many people.. little did i understand the ramifications of doing so!!!! Now i am asked left right and center.. when did i last go to the gym.. and then it starts.. late nights.. no rick.. exhaustion.. too much travel.. will go tom.. will start on monday.. the truth is i havent been to the gym in the last 5 weeks.. this week also does not look very promising!!! Earlier, there were 2 of us who used to go.. the person who went to the gym laughed / mocked at the other person who did not.. now we just exchange wry, sad smiles (at what could have been).. if "gym" ever comes up in our conversation!!!

But anyway i digress!!! Excuses have been a part of life since i can remember..I did not clean up because.. i cant come to meet because.. i could not speak to you because... i did not do homework because... i could not send this on time because.. its endless!!!! I do it many a times.. and i think people seem to buy it and end up sympathising.. then again, maybe they see through it.. as i see through theirs.. well, thats a thought.. hmmm

As you can see this post is not going anywhere...better I end it than write pages of painful reading!! :)

So whats your excuse?


Scarlett said...

Thank God you ended that post when you did...LOL :)

It really wasn't going anywhere! :))

Moonshine said...

hehehehehheheheh ... i know!!!! lol..