Monday, July 27, 2009

Rally around jeeves!!!

My post has nothing to do with PGW!!! Ok, now read on.

Today was one of those ever boring days.. at least till evening. One of the days wherein everything around you is still... work, conversations, company, your own self.. one of those days when time trudges on.. and every minute you are glad that that minute has passed.. and you are closer to the dinner gong (in this case the end of day gong.. the clock striking 6).. only to remember that actually.. you are going to run back home and get bored there!!!! Like one of my friends said.. i am so lucky.. so many different types of boredom!!! lol

Well, the day was uplifted because of these very friends.. did i say day.. i mean my spirits.. the entire i was kept company by 3 friends through various modes of communication - 2 on mail and one on chat!!! Believe me, i know i have mentioned this earlier, its so important to have friends.. just to get through the day at times!!! :)

The funny part is everytime i am low or bored, these friends, not one, not 2.. but so many of them come into my life that very day.. and that too without my reaching out to them. It never ceases to amaze me!!! Till evening i was speaking to these people on mail / chat. And then when i came back home, an old close friend.. just like that.. my mom chatted with me for half an hour, again just like that.. bumped into another old college friend online (that was a coincidence though) and spoke with her for a long long time!!!

I dont know how it happens everytime.. maybe its telepathy.. maybe their antenna's go up or something.. its like how bertie tells jeeves.. "rally around jeeves, rally around" our friend here is in a bit of a soup.. or something similar..

But however it may happen, it does not matter... i couldnt be happier!!!! And my day has turned out to be not so bad after all!!!!


Scarlett said...

Oh, I wasn't aware yesterday was one of those days. You should've told me, I would've continued our e-mail conversation for longer :)

Moonshine said...

You were one of the prime contributors anyway!!!!! :)