Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My colleague got a cook... and more

My colleague has hired a cook.. And i am loving it!!! lol.

She has taken pity on me probably.. seeing me suffer through those ordered sad lunches i guess!!! So i get to eat good stuff... and she doesnt mind me chomping through half her food.. well, she does get enough food for at least 2-3 people!!! Whatever the reason maybe.. i am just lucky... I am quite lazy ... enough not to get food from home (I too have a cook you see)... but dont like lugging lunch boxes to work.. and the one of the few times i did, my dabba disappeared!!!! And the other times, i would just forget to take the boxes back home!!! So well... anyway the point is.. i am happy at work!!! Never knew a good home cooked lunch could have such an impact ... not from my home (cook i mean) though if i mom were here i wouldnt mind carrying food everyday to work!!!!

And as i keep insisting, it would never occur to me to do that!!!! Get food for someone i mean.. no matter how easy it is for me to do so!!! Though i am not complaining.

So thank you.. you kind soul.. may you prosper in life :)
ps: another colleague at work who made food for the 10 of us (10 is easier to say.. dont remember the exact number).. and a full meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starters / main / dessert (at least 2 of each)!!!! With so many generous ppl around, is it any wonder one puts on weight? Burp!!!!
Watched ice age 3 this weekend. Very cute movie... as cute as the part 1 and 2!!! Love the dino kids... so sweeeeeeeeetttt!!!
Watched That thing you do and My cousin Vinny over the weekend. Both my favourite movies. Just went on singing along with all the songs as they played when That thing you do was on..... love that movie!!!!
Also bought Mama Mia and Love actually!!! I am just waiting (lots of emphasis there) to watch it!!! I can watch it now but will wait for my husband. I want to watch it with him (hes not seen any of these you see)
After a long time, was at work till 12.40 last night!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the discussions.. so what if my eyes were rolling over backwards by the time we got over!!! That man has some energy!!!! Phew!
ps: please re-read the above , i did say work!! ;)


Scarlett said...

I watch 'Love Actually' every couple of months I think. And 'French Kiss' as well. Not a big rom-com person but these movies are way too good.

Moonshine said...

French Kiss i dont like so much!!! Love actually i love!!! I am all for romantic comedies!!!! :)