Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The weekend that was : Terminator Salvation & Opus again

I have seen all Terminator movies though i do not remember the first part. I cannot say that I am a big fan of the series. I only like the Terminator 2 : the judgement day. Terminator 3 - rise of machines i think contributed a fair share to noise pollution. I remember staggering out of the theatre half deaf. So it was with much trepidation that i went to watch the 4th installment in the series. The only thing that gave me hope was that it had Christian Bale.

So i am quite surprised that i liked the movie... quite surprised that i liked Sam Worthington more than Christian Bale. It starts off in a dull gray world.. where John Connor (Bale) is trying to lead the resistance in 2018. The resistance to machines... who have almost taken over the world. And then there is Mark Wright (Sam Worthington) who is trying to find someone.. such an impassive face he has!!! I liked him right from scene 1.. make it scene 2 /3 actually!!! He is quite fundu. The way he talks , moves... everything.. in fact .. in fact i could even go as far as saying he stole John Connor's thunder!!!!

Though at times the movie does become sappy... the part wherein that girl (Williams.. dont rem her first name) falls for Mark Wright. That was all very boring.. and very annoying girl .. pretty much like Wolverine's wife!

So basically Mark Wright wanders into resistance.. and John Connor is not sure who he is and which side he is on .. but he is on the good side though evil in make.. there that should give you a clue as to who he is!!!!

The one not so good part about the movie.. John Connor is so not visible in the movie. In the first half he is hardly there and in the second half shares screen space with Mark Wright. It would have been quite ok if the person who played John Connor in the last movie were in this movie too... but IT IS Christian Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to have him more on the screen!!! Now that was really a disappointment. But anyway, you win some (Sam Worthington), and you lose some (Christian Bale). Ho hum....

End verdict - I liked it.
On Sunday night we trooped into Opus again. This time at a respectable time of 9pm (unlike the last time wherein we spent 9 hrs) up till 11.30pm!!!

It was karaoke night again.. had a fabulous time all over again... my god some of these guys who sing at Karaoke you really need to listen to... some are these amazing singers.. its as good as listening to radio.. while some are horrid.. but you need to admire them for their guts.. i mean singing and dancing in front 100 odd people is no joke!!! But obviously, they get the highest cheers.. I think thats because everyone can see themselves in them!!!

Had a whale of a time screaming.. and shouting.. and singing too!!! :)


Scarlett said...

The reason I like Karaoke is that it's so encouraging for bad singers...LOL...you sing along with them, you clap for them. You're right, I think it IS b/c everyone sees themselves in them!

Moonshine said...

They were the most cheered!!!! Good singers were cheered too.. but you should have seen the way the bad singers were cheered for!!! I can never imagine me going up to a podium and singing... maybe thats why you appreciate such people more!