Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Star Trek

Watched Star trek over the weekend.. as you can guess from my mightily creative post title!!! :)

I went to watch it for the lack of movies to watch... And my husband wanted to watch it. He is a star trek fan.. i am not.. rather, i remember watching it but do not remember anything much. I remember a couple of characters like Captain Kirk and Spock very clearly.. thats about it.. oh oh and one more memory which i have is .. of this pink amoeba like thing which enters the spaceship and latches on to the people's face and eats away the face or something similar..

No wonder i was not that keen on the movie per se!! But like i said, beggars cannot be choosers. So off we went!!

You know, its not a bad movie at all! Its quite decent.. worth a one time watch. And it does not have any of the gooey gross stuff (like what i remember from it).. thats surely a plus!!

The movie in fact is quite good for people who did not follow star trek and are not familiar with the characters. Its talks about the genesis of the thing.. the formation of that small core Star Trek team of the USS enterprise ship! Its a little boring in the beginning.. they set the foundation for too long.. the movie was already half way through by the time the main characters even went aboard the ship!!!!

So all the action comes in the second half... whatever action is there i.e. The second half is all about Captain Kirk taking control of the ship... and saving the previous captain from villainous hands.. i didnt like the villain too much.. quite a bore if you ask me!! It is also about the core group coming together and defeating this guy!

So for Star Trek fanatics, i am sure it will be a wonderful movie which takes them right back to the serial days!!! Else, for new timers.. its an ok movie... a decent movie let me say.. nothing too great. not too bad either.. good for timepass!!!

ps: I waited and waited for the "beam me up scotty" (i think it was this only) dialogue to come.. it didnt!!! :(
I also want to write about "Dan in real life"... another post i think!!!!!


Scarlett said...

I am a Star Trek fan :)

I remember when I was in college, my roommate & I used to watch Star Trek everyday at 7 in the evening. I miss those days!

The knife said...

we used to make communicators with match boxes and play... 5th standard I think

Moonshine said...

Well gee.. the only thing i remembered was that pink amoeba like thing!!!! You guys are total star trek fans!!!

Scarlett said...

We used to watch the Star Trek : Voyager series. There were 3 more series - Deep Space Nine, Enterprise & The Next Generation. Not that you care...Haha!

Moonshine said...

I have no idea.. so which one of these they used air ages ago??

Scarlett said...

I think 'The Next Generation' was the first in the series...

Moonshine said...

That must be the one that i watched i guess!!