Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally a movie after a long time : Angels & Demons

Its been such a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnng time since i watched a movie in the theatre!!! Broke the "movie draught" with Angels & Demons or as someone very stylishly said AND! And it was definitely worth breaking the fast!!

Watched AND at Rex theatre here. This movie has been released only in small time theatres ... we paid only 170 bucks..well when you compare it with 250 rs, it can still be qualified as an "only"...

The place was jampacked. The show was house full. We were sitting in the balcony.. now this theatre is like the old starcity or chanakya.. and we were in the last row.. for the first 5-10 mins of the movie, there was no one in the row before us.. so things were pretty cool.. and then suddenly these giants walked in.. and just had to be my luck... plonked themselves in front of us..

I was trying to watch the movie from in between the space between the 2 heads (the one sitting right in front and to the left) .. my husband sat on my left and thus i could invade his space to watch it.. but these 2 chaps for some reason had to discuss every dialogue...aaarrrrrggghhhh.... maybe they did not understand it or something.. everytime this guy's head would swivel to the left, i would swivel to the right..

This mental torture went on till interval and my husband finally said.. "either i say something to them or you sit in the front on the other empty seat"!!! I did the latter!!! I dont understand what they had to keep discussing... the movie is anyway so fast that if you do not pay attention, most of it will go above your head... and they definitely did not seem the kind of people who would have read the book!!! (I know i am being a snob here.. but what the heck)!!

But anyway back to the movie... Tom Hanks is back as Robert Langdon.. he looks young and fit (as opposed to how he looked in Da Vinci Code)... albeit with a new crew.. I liked Ewan McGregor in the movie as the Camerlengo!! He was quite awesome!!

So as the story goes... antimatter is stolen from CERN and placed somewhere in the Vatican .. set to explode by midnight.. this is during the papal elections and the 4 papal candidates are also kidnapped by an organisation claimed to be Illuminati... each of the 4 candidates are to be killed every hour! The movie like i said is very fast paced .. and it rushes from one site to the other.. a race to save the 4 and find antimatter !! The chase of course ringed with clues .. Illuminati clues.. (have you all seen Kidnap.. watch the clues there and compare it with the ones in this movie.. what horridly idiotic things were thought up by the writer in Kidnap.. insiginificant in front of this book)

You have to, HAVE TO read the book if you want to enjoy the movie!! Otherwise you would swimming in information.. unlike Da Vinci Code movie which had a lot of information and less action, this movie is full of action.. it does not allow your mind to rest and think about so many interesting facts that Langdon keeps spewing out...

The movie is mostly true to the book.. there are some misses of course.. but adding them would have added any value.. it just would have been more confusing!!! The movie is quite a good rendition of the book!

One word of advise- DO NOT LEAVE THE THEATRE TILL THE CREDITS ROLL OUT!!!! Many people did and they actually missed the twist!!!


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The knife said...

waited till the credits... what was the twist?

Moonshine said...

people started leaving when the helicopter exploded!!! They missed the end therefore!!!