Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dilbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally love the comic strip. I do not know how i got into enjoying Dilbert so much... i cannot for the life of me remember.. did it come in the newspaper earlier? Though obviously you can only appreciate it once you have started working!

Anyway, however i got initiated, the point is its so much fun to read it!!! Yesterday when i was posting the "pure evil" post, i thought of Dilbert.. i likened myself to .. Catbert the evil HR director!! lol

Everyone who is working can relate to the comic strip!!! The work situations.. the bosses... peer group!!! In fact yesterday, i logged in to the Dilbert site and the day's comic strip set me off laughing.. i just couldnt stop (i went through exactly the same situation recently) and then i had drag some more old dilberts and laugh even more!!

Today in the morning i made my colleague read yesterday's strip and other strips that i had read last night and we both then reminisced about our favourite Dilbert strips for at least an hour!! And then read some more Dilbert together.. and talked about various work situations... yes it is funny but it is also true and so reflective of the office situation!!! I am sure we all can identify with it And as we were dicussing in the afternoon, these are situations that everyone goes through - whether in north or south, in this country or some other, man or woman, big company or small.. its universal!!

The one i read yesterday can be accessed on this link (in case you cannot read the below strip) http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2009-05-25/

Some other favourites include... boss saying computer is getting warm , is the firewall acting up... or the one wherein dilbert is asked to take some training session in elbonia and he says he is not qualified to take the training and boss says i will reschedule your meetings so that you can take the session.. dilbert says you are solving the wrong problem!!! (I actually saw this happening at a work situation recently).. and there are many on performance appraisals which take the cake!! Another good one -

Pointy haired boss has a meeting with everyone

Wally : Agenda items 4-7 do not include me ; i will use that time to take a refreshing table nap; experts say its good for productivity
And he is lying sprawled on the table.. with the others sitting around him.. and
Boss : I need to talk to those experts!!

Dilbert can be enjoyed when read by self or with work colleagues!!!!!!!!!

This entire Dilbert discussion has prompted me to take out my Dilbert book and read it!!! :) So i am off!!!


Scarlett said...

Also the one where the pointy-haired boss asks Dilbert to go to another country (or is it continent) to meet a client for something really trivial. Dilbert suggests discussing it over the phone but the boss makes him travel, and once Dilbert reaches the client's office, the client goes "Do you have these (holding a telephone) where you come from?"

Dilbert is really funny & it's my favorite comic strip too. And as you said, only working people can appreciate it.

Moonshine said...

Yeah that one was so very funny!!! And you can so totally relate to all of this!! People calling us for meetings which are not required etc ...