Monday, May 25, 2009

Pure evil

That was what i was today!!! Pure evil!!

Deccan chargers won yesterday... yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I do not like the Bangalore team. But being here in bangalore, obviously this train of thought does not find much support!

Yesterday, me and husband were planning to go to a pub to watch the IPL final. But did not go out of concern for my safety and well being...i would have been beaten up black and blue!! Planning is wrong term actually... the thought came and left the mind pretty quickly.

So at work today, it was loads of fun. Obviously everyone was supporting Bangalore team. Except for yours truly! And i had a whale of a time.. smirking at people.. rubbing it in.. and telling them what the blr team is like ... used terms like daft and all.. please note it was done purely with malicious intent!!! Malicious not towards the blr team i.e.

If the situation were reversed.. hmmm.. i think i would have just said.. its just a game!!! lol

And boy did i laugh... and smirk.. at everyone! Sigh.... that was quite fun. Fun (ner) bit was no one could say anything to me really except one person called me traitor (well even then i should be supporting delhi not blr)!!! But i just laughed wildly its pure pleasure to be able to do that... oh how i had fun rubbing ppl's noses in!!

I was totally evil today. And boy did i enjoy it!! Whats next... i wonder!!!


The knife said...

I admired both teams for making it to the finals. Was supporting RCB because of Kumble. But hats off to DC for winning a lost game

Moonshine said...

The game was swinging like a pendulum.. wildly!!! Till the end i was not sure if DC will the game.. a fitting finish actually!!!