Saturday, May 23, 2009

The inky pinky ponky league

I could not decide which one to drop - pinky or ponky.. to get it to fit into IPL... so i decided to keep all...or maybe we could change it to IPPL!!! :) The title really fits it so well (i am so proud to have thought it all by myself lol)!!

The idea behind the title being - it has been like an inky pinky ponky kind of a series... nobody fancied has won.. the one team that won all matches is not there in the finals... the team that came last, last year is playing finals.. the team that won last year dropped out.. and of course the most "advertised" team of the year losing all matches (I am delighted.. how i hate KKR)!!!! So its been a joy ride.. instead of any intelligent analysis and picking up the team that will win, might as well pick a team basis "the inky pinky ponky" schematic!!!

Its been a total topsy turvy world in the IPL this year!!! And you really really really cannot guess on who's gonna win..

The teams that i was supporting , quite happily and vociferously i may add - Deccan Chargers, Chennai Super kings and Rajasthan Royals!!! And i am ecstatic.. that deccan is in the finals.. i think chennai will be too!!! Or maybe i should say hope!

I am not supporting them because of any regional affinity.. i think these teams are really good.. and i like Gilchrist/ Dhoni/ Warne... they going about minding their business i.e. cricket unlike other teams!!!!! I am soooooooooooo glad that none of the celeb teams made it to the semis!!!!

So if it is a Deccan vs Chennai finals.. i am not too sure who i will support... maybe chennai because of Dhoni.. but i know will still feel bad if deccan loses!!!

The best thing about IPL is that our actual world cup team will be a very strong team... players selected because of merit.. which many of them had a chance to display because of IPL (instead of languishing in domestic cricket) .. they must be all worshipping Lalit modi!!!!

Its been 1 year since i started posting!!!!! And IPL was one of first posts!!!! :) So its been a full circle.. a surprise actually...


Scarlett said...

And guess who also made it to the finals!! I'll probably be supporting DC in the finals...but hats off to Bangalore too! And complete your circle a second time over :)

Moonshine said...

Thanks!!!! :)

I am also supporting deccan !!!!! At least it has made life easier for me - very clear on who should i support... lol