Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My murky world

I was in a workshop the last 2 days. Very surprisingly it was quite an interesting last 2 days we had!!!!! And no, this post is not about the workshop. But when i said interesting i did mean the workshop .. as in content wise!!

What made it equally interesting was the eclectic mix of people! I know all of them.. some better than the others. But its still quite interesting to see people in a group situation which is not informal.

One of things i mentally do, (and this is not confined to workshops, i mean generally) is slot people. Slot people based on characters i read about ... like one person could be like "the pointy haired boss" from Dilbert. It happens quite automatically though NOT ALWAYS.. and i do not even register it!!! Like we had a case study over the last few days.. and we were split into groups to solve it. Someone said something.. and i thought " dude you are trying to solve the wrong problem" which reminded me of dilbert and his boss!!!

And then there are those whose CP is quite high... at times unnecessarily so!! And of course, workshops are "fun-ner" when you are sitting with people with whom can share these amazing insights with!!! lol

In between the sessions, another strange (strange for you not for me) topic came up - which animal does xyz remind you.. not in terms of looks.. but in terms of characteristics!!! One of my friends used to do this.. and i too do it.. at times there are cows, squirrels, deers, hawk and vultures and elephants etc etc occupying my world though i do not, not even in my mind refer to them like that ..

Now this discussion evoked responses like "oh really, why do you think this person is like this animal"? There were no expressions which said " are you nuts?????". The reason was that is all "react-ees" were women!!! If the same question or the same information was shared with men, i wonder what or how would they react!!! Hmmmmmm...

And on that thought, i will retire!

ps: post title is reflective of me and my posts getting stranger :)


The knife said...

hmmm so it didn't really hold your attention, did it?

Scarlett said...

You do indeed inhabit a strange world :) Slotting people & characterizing them as animals?? Lol...
I have a different problem...I assume everyone I meet/know is nice until they prove to be otherwise!!

Moonshine said...

@Knife It did hold my attention.. lol.. all these activities happened during tea breaks .. or when group finished acitivty earlier as compared to others!!!!

@Scarlett I too have the second issue.. except there are some people i dislike on sight!!!