Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delhi Belly : Its a 5

This comes in late I know. By now, most of you must have already seen Delhi Belly.

But I had to write about it.

I am sure I say this for every other movie that is released... but this one. What a movie!!!!!!!!!!! What a movie!!! One of the best I have seen in recent times.

Who is the star you ask?

The story.. it just doesn't allow you to pause and say ha! It just goes on.. takes you crashing along in the vortex. The director did a great thing by not putting in an interval. We were enthralled all throughout and didn't feel the need to get anything at all. It grabs your attention and it never ever wavers. I wont get into what the story is about.. watch it for yourself. For some reason, it reminded me of the English movie, Snatch.

The actors.. Imran Khan has broken out of the chocolate hero mould for sure!! He actually looks hot as opposed to cute!! And he is a step up above Ranbir Kapoor as of now. Who would have thought? The beauty about this movie is that all actors get equal attention.. rather you remember them equally. Whether it is Vir Das, the butt scratching Kunal Kapoor or Poorna Jagannathan or the Gangster played by Vijay Raaz.. he was just awesome. The music that comes on when he appears on the screen.. or just his dialogues. He is an intelligent villain. Most of the movies have duffer villains who just laugh evil"ly". But yeah, all of them shine. And shine very bright.

The direction, editing.. Its just superb. Like I said earlier, the movie doesn't allow you to breathe. Editing is just awesome. And the director, Abhinay Deo has done a fantastic job, keeping the runaway movie, characters all together. Leaves us spellbound I must say. And its very real... from the making out scene to the horrible house they live in. Though I do wish they wouldn't show close up of crap!!

Dialogues : Dialogues are a beauty and whoever says it has too much swearing.. really?? You think?? Isn't it normal. I have seen guys in my college talk to each other like this day in day out.. and that was 10 years back. It is real... And very much so. I don't know why people are making such a brouhaha about it.

Music : Bhaag bhaag DK Bose. I hate you (like I love you).. Goooooood music!! Holds it own. Fabulous. Just Fabulous.

And the piece de resistance.. Aamir Khan's item number.

5 / 5 from me. Everyone has to has to watch it.

Oh and BTW, MC AUSTRALIA is starting soon ...AUG 2nd....... Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee 


The knife said...

I liked the film. Well paced. No hamming. Could have avoided the farts and craps

Bluestocking said...

That's another thumbs up I have heard for the movie. Will have to catch it this weekend.

Moonshine said...

@Knife No hamming for sure. Very regular, natural, real movie. I just refused to watch the crap scene!!!! Shut my eyes. Did the same during slumdog!!

@Bluestocking You have to watch it!!!!!

Scarlett said...
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Scarlett said...

MC Aus is starting in India!!!!! It'll be over here by Aug. 2nd (it's at the top 8 stage now) but then Junior MC will start. You'll get to watch the first few episodes that I missed...I moved to Sydney in the middle, remember? Watch out for Hayden and Michael.

Coming to Delhi Belly, I am yet to watch it. Dying to but 1) I don't have company and 2) The theater that's playing it is far from where I live. But I'm determined to watch it.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I wish you were here.. then we could discuss MC Aus everyday!!!!!!! :)

Delhi Belly is awesome.. worth the trip Scarlett. Really worth it.