Friday, July 8, 2011


Waiting to watch the latest installment of Harry Potter on July15th.

Only .. now that there are no more books, at least one could relive everything watching the movies.. something to look forward to.

Did it have to end so soon???? :((((((

What will we do after July 15th .. no more books, no more movies.

What will we do now?

Message to JK Rowling - please please please revive Harry Potter. How will we ever live our life knowing there's no more of HP to come!!! Life has no meaning. Sob sob sob sob.


mêlée said...

yay me too counting hours by now!!
I wish there were more of HP, but in absence we shall keep reading other books and falling in love with them if not as much as HP, what say?

Scarlett said...

I was wondering how come you hadn't done a post on HP yet! The movie opens on July 13th here but the way people are camping outside theaters for tickets, I doubt I'll get to watch it until a week or so after :(

But yes, what will we do after this movie? :(((

Scarlett said...

@Melee - No, no...we can't fall in love with any other book or character the way we did with Harry Potter. Moonshine will agree with me on this.

Moonshine, remember our 7am trip to Shivaji Park Crossword to buy the 7th book...and the coffee at Barista afterwards? I miss those days...

Moonshine said...

@melee I am counting too.. with a heavy heart!!! :((

I agree with Scarlett there.. nothing can match HP. The 2nd part you got right.. falling in love with them but not as much as HP!! I cannot imagine getting into a full fledged discussion on teh characters, the plot.. as HP evoked.

@Scarlett Long overdue :) Here its opening the next friday. And I will watch it on Friday night or Saturday night maybe. lets see... we are yet to book tickets. Here if you book it on Wednesday, you can get it.. good seats too!!! :)

And what will we do after this movie? Was just watching news.. this sentiment is echoed by millions!!!

And our one hour discussion on what would be the ending for HP!!! lol. I miss those days too. Its funny.. no other book has caught our imagination like HP.

Bluestocking said...

Oh...I can't wait too. I think the 7th book was the best and no credit is too much for Rowling who created a climax that tied all the ends so neatly. Hats off to her.

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking Agreed!!! It was a brilliant end to a brilliant series. Though I did not like the fact that epilogue had all these people grown up with kids.. I hated the fact there was finality to the series.. that it would not come alive again!