Saturday, July 2, 2011

If only pigs could fly

Sigh!!!!!! I am not a very talented person.. I have written many a posts about it.

I cannot sing, dance, paint, sculpt, play an instrument, sports .. anything. Cooking? I caann cook.. but I am not at all creative!! I pretty stick to the tried and tested.

If, if I had just one wish.. to be able to choose one talent for myself. What would I pick? 

I would anyday, pick singing. No question, thats what I would pick.

It truly is a god's gift. Probably to a certain extent, you can learn everything else.. but you need to know how to sing.

And of all things, I am the horrible"est" at singing. Everytime I watch these song based reality shows on TV..I wish with all my heart I could sing. For some reason, I get this feeling, more of it actually, when I listen to Hindi movie songs.

Hindi movie music and I have a kind of an inseparable relationship. I grew up with Hindi Music. English music came into my life much later.. when I was already a teenager (except for Boney M and Abba, I hadnt really heard anything). All India Radio, that was our lifeline then. I dont how much I appreciated music then.. but I guess somewhere, somehow it stayed with me. The Binaca geet mala.. Ameen Sayani ...used to define AIR for us.

A few years back, when A used to work very late... I remember one night I got scared of the silence. I was scared of falling asleep. And music was my solace. I dragged the speaker of my home theatre system and listened to the comforting sounds of old melodies. Of course, the very next day A bought me a stereo.

Till date, I fall asleep listening to the radio. I cannot imagine bliss as pure as listening to old hindi movie songs to the beat of rain. Some songs are so beautiful.. I get goosepimples when I listen to them.. songs of Andhi, badi sooni sooni hai, tum jo mil gaye ho, beeti na beetayi raina, rimjhim gire saawan, yeh kahan aa gaye hum.. actually there are too many to be able to list down!!

And everytime I hear any of these songs on radio, I too sing along.. all the time wishing I could sing well. And at that point in time, there's nothing more I want... that desperate crazy all encompassing want.. to be able to sing.

If only pigs could fly, and I wish it with all my heart.

If you had to pick one single talent for yourself, what would you pick?


mêlée said...

hey you cant sing worse than me, I can bet on this :D
I too would pick singing! and no less than Lata-ji. If a wish is to be made, why not aim high :)

Bluestocking said...

I would pick playing a musical instrument - a piano or a guitar maybe. And then I would have tried my hand at creating music. :-)

Scarlett said...

I'd pick 2 actually. No wait, 3. Singing, painting, and playing the violin. I seriously envy people who can sing well, it's such a gift. Painting too is something you can't really learn - you either have it in you or you don't. Violin I can learn I guess.

besunni said...

Sigh. I'd pick dance. Just as you have to "know" how to sing, you also have to have some inner rhythm to dance. Sure one can "learn" it - and probably resemble a robot on the dance floor.
See, we all have our longings.

Moonshine said...

@melee believe you me, I can sing worse than you.. I dont even need to try!! :)

@Bluestocking Guitar has always entralled me. I tried to pick it up online and practice on my guitar but that lasted for all of 2days. Creating music? Maybe can still do?

@Scarlett Yeah you are right. You have it ot not. melee for sure does!!!! At least you can learn one.

@besunni everyone can dance.If you have a sense of music, then dance will come automatically. You think its inhibition? Thats what used to curtail me long time back.

the-mommie said...

yeh kahan aa gaye hum..... that song has been STUCK in my head for a month now. honestly!

and i completely agree with you. for me too hindi music just has a certain "je ne sais quoi" that western music just doesn't. i don't listen to it as much as i used to. but when i was back with my mom last month i had the luxury to indulge! every night, she still listens to one of the 4 CDs i burned for her when they were leaving delhi - with her favourite film songs. :)