Friday, June 24, 2011

A city I thought I remembered well

I was in Delhi the last 2 days. I was curious to visit the city I left a few years back.

It is one of my favourite cities.. it has a lot of charm, culture and history associated with it. So I was curious, to know if it was still the same.. the way I left it.

I had visited Delhi last year but I did not get a chance to experience it much - I was pretty much cooped up in the hotel the full 3 days. But this time, I had decided, come what may, I will take some time out for my beloved city.

It was a strange experience to say the least. I had heard about the bedazzling airport.. so I wasnt surprised. I came out of the airport in a daze of walking a million miles.. well you do!! If you land in terminal 3. And if you have a car parked somewhere.. well, what should I say. I just recollect, going up and down several times. Phew.

First thing that struck me.. I could not recognise the road when I got out of the airport. And I used to traverse this road everyday. Everyday .. for how many years I cannot recollect now 3-4 yrs maybe!!! I was disappointed that I could not recognise the road to Palam, the hanuman mandir.. then I was later told this was a new road. Damn!

How I reached Aurobindo Marg without recognising a single sight or sound of Delhi is beyond imagination!!!!

Anyway, I consoled myself with the thought, everything will be fine once I eat Delhi food. So I ordered Chole Bhature as my mid morning snack/ breakfast. Err.. I didnt enjoy it.
For lunch, I had chaat. That was not bad, but I have had better. And for dinner, I ordered daal makhani and chawal. Daal was floating in butter ... not the other way round... and it did not titillate the taste buds.

Somehow any of it.. didnt match up to the Delhi taste. Maybe it was all in my mind.. the breathtaking food perhaps has something to do with the fond memories associated with the city..

And then swanky flyovers and toll nakas and the metro stations that have sprouted everywhere making it totally alien..  To top it all, I didnt even see many sardars during my visit.

All in all.. disappointing, saddening :((


Scarlett said...

You went to Delhi??!!!

I don't like that we haven't been as frequently in touch as we used to. Life's been crazy with the move. But I have BBM again and I intend to correct that.

Moonshine said...

Only for 2 days. And it kind of came up suddenly. Even I didnt know I was going till an evening before. :)

I know!!! And I can imagine.. with the time diff, Instant messaging is limited to a few hours!! But at least its IM!! :)

The knife said...

Made me think of my trips back to Calcutta. Have the cities changed? or have we?

Moonshine said...

I would like to think.. the cities have!!

But you are right.. in delhi, I had this cab driver started screaming at me as he had to wait for half an hour extra. And I was like how did I ever tolerate this nonsense all these years!!