Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Running a business is not for the faint hearted

I always knew this.

Starting up on your own is not for the faint hearted.. but I always envisioned the problem to be something else.. getting the business for one.. who will give work to someone wet behind the ears kind of a thing.

Little did I know.

And no I haven't started my own business.. this is like a surrogate to doing so. Need to start something on my own.. but part of an organisation.. makes sense? Starting a branch that is to say.

And I am restless. I hate working from home.. and that is exactly what I am doing. Why? Because I dont have an office here yet.. Why? I am looking for one.. and I suck at it. And its only been a week.. And I hear horror stories of how it took 2 months and more to find a place.

And I am a one man army.. as of now. My team is not there yet.. next month hopefully, it should all be sorted.

There is no one to talk to. And my boss is not bothered about what I am doing with my time.. errr.. yeah you heard me right. I always thought that would be the most delightful thing... the best situation to  be in. Its crazy I know.. but I do start when I want to.. stop when I want to.. and I am bothered by it. God knows why.. but I am.

Years of being monitored I think. Now that I am not.. I dont know what to do.

Basically I am not a self starter. I become restless very quickly.. I realised that every organisation I have been with till now.. I have always come into the middle of a crisis and my first week at work always till date, entailed late nights!!

And now as I twiddle my thumbs .. looking at a blank piece of paper.. thinking of how to start, where to start... trying to do something I have no idea of (finding an office, doing random admin stuff, thinking of expenses).. I realise its tough.

And funnily enough, business does not worry me. It will come.. I know.  It is running an office that is staring into my face. And I shudder to think of how I will run an office!! lol.. yeah, its funny!!! I will probably be crying on the shoulders of all freshers who join me. Poor souls. Hehehe..


Scarlett said...

Look at the saving grace. I hope this never happens but if, in case, the business doesn't do well, at least it's not your money that's going down :p

But yes, I can understand how difficult starting something on your own can be. Not only do you have to worry about the admin stuff, expenses etc., not having a supervisor means you're that much more responsible for the business. It's scary but I know you're capable & up to the challenge :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Thanks for the vote of confidence!!!!!!! :))

In the last 6-7 yrs, thoughts of starting up on my own has crossed my mind a zillion times!! In fact, on one occasion I went upto the stage of speaking someone looking at investing.. and then I backed out. I guess this experience will tell me.. if I have it in me to do it on my own or not!! Phew.

mêlée said...

It will be quite a learning experience! And I am sure you will enjoy it...if not now at least in retrospect :D

The knife said...

Kudos on having taken this brief decision. I am sure you will enjoy the ride and do very well :)

Moonshine said...

@melee it is a very very steep learning curve!!! I hope one year later, I look back on this time fondly!!!!!! :)

@Knife I hope so K, I hope so!!!

Gobri said...

It is so amazing that you are getting to experience this. And as Scarlett said, at someone else's expense. I have also thought of starting up many times, but never had the nerve. I would have loved to do something like this. If not be the boss man (I know too early for me), but be a part of a start-up. Experience the ups and downs of setting up business. Alas, it is not be right away.

Moonshine said...

@Gobri It looks / seems awesome from afar.. I love the thought of it. Have always done so.. in fact it is not to say that I am not liking it right now.. I am already having my 'ups' and 'downs'.. some days its majorly exciting.. and yet some difficult!!!! And today I am eager!!! :))

SwB said...

I've always wanted to start my own escort service - all nice and clean: no permissions needed, minimum investment (couple of fones, one strongman), no problems with labour turnover, quick exit route (if it came down to that). I'm serious.

Btw, you have nice long toes! Cheers.

Moonshine said...

@SWB Sure you are serious!!!

Long toes for sure :))Thanks.