Friday, July 29, 2011

The perfect job

Is there anything like it? I have been contemplating on this for a long time.. and I keep repeating the same thing over and over again at different points in time at work.. every 2-3 months I think!! And I have been thinking about it, yet again.

When one says a perfect job, for some reason, I can only visualise one :

Meg Ryan's corner bookstore in You got mail. Would'nt I just love to have such a place!! I think it would be a dream come true for many of my book loving friends - a cozy place, surrounded by books and coffee as it rains / snows outside. I can never ever get that place out of my mind. Even now, even though its been ages since I saw the movie. I am in love with the place.

There is this place called Secret Garden Cafe in Bangalore - it is this marvellous verandah of someone's beautiful house. It has plastic chairs and tables and surrounded by mango trees. Amazing - a perfect work life, to own something like this?

Actually it has to be Meg Ryan's corner bookstore.

What do you think? Does it exist? A perfect job?


Gobri said...

I was in the Secret Garden Cafe on the day I left. I thought of the same thing. I would love running something like that. But would I like coming in everyday and overseeing the kitchen, customers including a Saturday?

Scarlett said...

Meg Ryan's shop in You've Got Mail is my idea of a perfect job too! With a small coffee shop attached to it...I've always dreamt of owning a coffee shop-book store! Maybe when I come back after 2-3 years, we can get out perfect jobs together :)

Moonshine said...

@Gobri Err, we could hire managers? :)

@Scarlett Lets!!! I need someone to take the plunge!!!

Bluestocking said...

Def. a cozy bookstore in some scenic town, preferably mountains :-)

Gobri said...

The day a manager comes in, the store/restaurant becomes less cozy for both the customer and me. Though the idea is a lot more appealing that working in a corporate office, constancy is what scares me.

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking We think alike!!! :)

@Gobri That is true. I also think i will get bored in about 1 yr's time!!! :)

Moony said...

Hey, hey, where is this secret garden cafe.. i dont know.. tell me tell me ! :)

mêlée said...

my perfect job is this one day and that on the other day...but anything that doesnt make me do things I dont want to :D

Moonshine said...

@Moony Secret Garden Cafe is on Edwards, off queens road (Near Cunningham road).

@melee Thats a good ideology. Though most of the days I dont feel like doing the work planned for the day :)