Monday, August 1, 2011

What is next?

I am totally zapped , zapped is too mild a word.But till I can think up a new one, I am totally zapped.

Zapped by social networking. I dont get it. I just dont. There are new applications that are coming up everyday.

There's one that tells everyone where you are at, at every point in time. As if status updates were not enough. Why would anyone want to activate such a thing is beyond me. Why would you want to tell the entire world you are having lunch at XOXO with XOXO. Or XYZ checked into this building. I can understand if you are in a new city, and you want to let your friends know where you are. But wait, there's a phone isnt there. The wanting to meet 2 people need not convert into a mass movement.

Why, I ask you!! And then these people, the very same ones, talk about privacy. They would be vehemently opposed to joint families, and probably constantly talk about space.

I am not annoyed by these updates, they do not bother me as a Facebooker. But I am just wondering about this innate need people have. I wonder how FB or the people who developed this application per se unearthed this money making insight. I guess they must have analysed all status messages and realised that 90% of the status messages are about what people are doing at that point in time. Hmmm

Not to be outdone, there are others riding the bandwagon too. Just saw an ad on TV talking about an application that will tell your friends what you are watching. What joy does anyone get out of reading what some person is watching.

Next will be what - a homing device that uploads status messages like I walked into office, now I am in the washroom and now I am eating daal, and just about now I am chomping on beans.

I dont get it. I really dont.


Bluestocking said...

I think status updates should come with 'Too much information' button. Sorely needed in case of some people.

Moonshine said...

I swear!!

Gobri said...

Almost a week has gone by and no posts from you. Shocking!!! Write.

Moonshine said...

@Gobri Yeah Shocking!!! Dont feel like logging in these days.. :(

mêlée said...

I hear you! the TV ad was the most hilarious and illogical to me, I mean how much nosy one can get? And the way people try to show off how cool they are and what a happening life they have is just doesnt come across as cool!

Moonshine said...

@melee nosy is the right word. I really dont know why people think it is so cool to share with the whole world about every minutest thing they do.

the-mommie said...

i have to say i just joined And even though i have no clue how i'm going to find any use for it other than finding a listing of the closest restaurants to wherever i am, i still have been "checking in" each time i am at someplace. its just cool to see that the place u r hanging out at is on a list that other ppl u know r also visiting. does that make sense or is that sentence too convoluted?! :)

btw, where are you!?

Moonshine said...

@Mommie I dont know why I am very sceptical about this thing. I cant get over the fact that I am constantly advertising my whereabouts!!!