Monday, October 11, 2010

There can only be one : AB

There is and only one superstar.. for me... another A!!! Its his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what better than to dedicate a post to him.

For those of you who do not get it, I am talking about Amitabh Bachchan... swoon swoon swooooooooooooooonn...

Its his 68th birthday today!!! And he is still going strong.. he is my favourite actor.. I think one of the first movies I ever watched.. that i remember .. would be an AB movie for sure..

Can anyone ever forget.. Vijay of Sholay.. or Vijay of deewar.. the original don.. AB in Shakti (I still cannot forget the scene where he is clad in black and chasing the villian at the airport).. or in Satte pe satta.. amar akbar anthony.. majboor.. naseeb.. shan.. do aur do panch.. mr natwarlal (the song, mere paas aao mere doston.. I love it).. khoon paseena, hera pheri, kabhie kabhie, coolie, mard, lawaris, dostana,parwarish.. phew...god, the list is endless!!!!!!!

Is it any wonder why we dont have a super star like Amitabh.. not in the near offing!!!

And as I am watching KBC on TV.. the same thought just gets reiterated.. he is so humble.. he is just brilliant with people.. KBC brings out the best in him.. and it is a real pleasure to watch him host it!!!!! He is just super with people.. people gush all over him.. and he makes everyone feel special!!!!

And as I am typing this, everyone in the audience is singing Happy Birthday to him!!! How sweet..

I am one of those lucky people on the face of this planet who have had the opportunity to meet him!! It is the highlight of my life... my mom's side of the family which is completely into Hindi movies actually congratulated me on being the only one in the family to have shaken hands with him!!!! Ah well..

Yes, that is my absolutely favourite memory.


Scarlett said...

Remember his yellow pants??!!!

Scarlett said...

He also saw us out the door. I thought that was very sweet.

Moonshine said...

Yellow pants!! How can i forget... even then he was awesome!!!

Yeah he also saw us out!!! Maybe that was to make sure that we left!!! lol.. but yeah.. he was really sweet!!! It was the most amazing experience I have had!