Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh no, not you Jimmy!! :(

This post is for those of you who watch masterchef australia, star world!!

I have been following this show right from day 1. I love the creativity that these people display - and these are not proper chef... they are amateur cooks.. though if you see what they cook.. you would never be able to figure that out if you did not know it already. They help each other out - And thats another thing I like about the contestants.. they are not fiercely competitive in the sense of trying to bring each other down.. they focus on their skills!!!

And I love the judges - they do not kick, scream, throw plates (except once, and that too when they liked it), throw food etc etc.. they are positive and have tons of energy. When they say its disappointing, I am sure everyone feels it!!

So one of the contestants was Jimmy - he is an Indian and actually was doing very well on the show. Why did I like him - besides the fact that hes an Indian, he was always ever smiling not matter what!!

I will miss him on the show :((


Scarlett said...

And Jimmy looks like Kalyan!!!!


Come to think of it, he wasn't the best cook there. He was good with Indian food but mediocre with everything else. I think George gave him the right advice - to focus on his strengths, which is spices. I'm glad he's developing his range of simmering sauces & marinades.

the-mommie said...

I've got absolutely nothing to say on the post 'coz i don't know the show.... BUT welcome back u two! :) looks like everyone was on a hiatus there for a while! :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Yeah he looks completely like kalyan doesnt he!!!!! And yes, the second bit is ture too.. he would try to give an indian twist to everything!! I think his simmering sauces / marinades will do well .. thats what hes been good at!!!! :)

@Mommie You dotn watch master chef?????? How come? Watch it online.. masterchef australia.. thats what I was telling you to partiipate in!!!!! :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - How will she (Mommie) watch MC Australia? I doubt they telecast it in Romania.

In fact, even I am very perplexed about the show...the way they describe it in the Australian media (ex. the story on Jimmy's elimination that I forwarded to you) is very different from what we saw on the show in India! How is that possible?

@Mommie - Thanks for the welcome. Moonshine & I were holidaying together, in parts at least :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett she could go online and watch it? She used to download a lot of series earlier!!! :)

Yeah that Jimmy article you sent across was very strange!! Like I said, maybe they conducted another masterchef out of earlier seasons's contestants a la Top Chef.. or maybe theres wildcard entry??????????????????