Thursday, September 3, 2009

The time between 9 and 10pm..

For those of you who know me personally... would know that i spend weekday evenings alone..
For those of you who do not know me personally.... i spend weekday evenings alone.. well mostly!!! Our hours, work hours i.e. (my husband's and mine) do not match!

Now i am quite used to this.. been quite a while.. and now i quite like this alone time that i get!!! I watch c**p shows on TV.. message and catch up with friends.. blog.. read... listen to music... in no particular order!! In fact i have made very "good friends" due to this.. some people who i know for a fact would not be as close to me if it were not for my husband.. and we routinely thank him for that!!! :)

So whats the point about the time between 9-10pm, you ask? This is the time that i do not know what to do.. rather anytime that i get bored and am thinking of what to do and i check the time.. its usually between 9-10pm!!

I guess thats because of the shows i watch.. 7-8pm friends, 8-8.30.. i check blog posts, speak with parents etc.. 8.30-9 i watch 2 and a half men and have dinner.. actually the thing is that from 7-9, i have done all the catching up, spoken to people i need to speak to, been online..etc

And then suddenly its 9pm.. and theres nothing to do.. if there is no good movie on air!!! Actually come to think of it i do not like watching the 9pm movie because it gets over at a time when i would like to be in bed reading. I like to be able to shut off the TV when i want to.. with a mvoie you cannot do that!!!! You are pretty much obliged to watch the entire thing. So my reading time usually starts at around 10.30.. when i switch everything off.. and retire and listen to music and read!!

And 10 i watch some c**p reality show.. its fun to watch with friends!!!! Love all the b****ing!!! About half an hour .. and i have had my fill of the show and retire peacefully..

Basically now that i am listing down things, i realise that i need to go back to the gym!!!! lol. Thats the activity missing (this is the dialogue wherein one would clap hand on the forehead.. sudden realisation you see) .....Oh well. .. then again....ho..hum... . maybe people will start another one of those c**p reality shows.. you never know!!! :)


Scarlett said...

I need to go back to the gym too! These days I get home by about 6.30 & then I don't know what to do with myself.

BTW...two new crap reality shows are starting - Fear Factor 2 on Colors & Entertainment ke Liye Aur Bhi Kuch Karega on Sony.

Moonshine said...

Fear factor.. yay!!! I like that one... dont know about the 2nd.. is the 2nd one that one in which G's daughter participated?

Scarlett said...

Yeah! It's the show where people come & do whatever crap they wish to do. Some are amazing, some downright hilarious!

Moonshine said...

lol.. maybe will watch it this time round!!! :)