Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A trance like state...

That happens when i pretty much down in the dumps.. a cold.. a sore throat.. what more does one need.. one more thing i can think of - add a festival to that day and ensure you are alone.. what more do you need.. all ingredients of a "great depression"!!!

I hate sniffling.. i hate sore throat... i hate sniffling more!!!! A heavy head.. a drugged like state.. hmmmpppfff.. in times like these, ginger tea alone does not do.. you need full time pampering.. hugs... and full time pampering!!!

And today was onam too.. i had an off today.. luck did you say? And my husband did not.. grrrr.. so while i did not cook anything much.. a heavy head and slaving over the stove do not go together really.. so made my cook to make some stuff.. and i made kheer.. too much sugar and rice a little uncooked and a sorry state of affairs!!!

Anyway good thing is ..i know i am cribbing a thought should at least say one nice thing.. so the good thing is at least i got to have lunch with husband!!! So day not a total waste thankfully.

A weirdly disturbed post lunch nap later, watched Kadha Parayumbol.. the mallu version of Billoo.. i must say the mallu movie was rather nice!!! I have not watched Billoo.. so cant comment on that. The mallu movie was brilliant though.. also i am watching one after a long long time!!!!

Just after the movie was channel surfing.. and came across the movie Yaraana... and just as i landed at that channel, started the song.. saara zamaana haseeno ka deewana.. AB looks ridiculous.. but he is the only one who carry it off.. strutting about with a guitar in his hand.. or being totally lit up like a christmas tree!!! Awesome!!!

Oh, and wish you a happy onam too!!! :) Now that this is done, will go and try to clear my head!!!


The knife said...

chicken soup for Onam?

Scarlett said...

Happy Onam!

Have you visited a doc yet? Any breathing problems along with the cold & sore throat?

Moonshine said...

@knife i wish!! siggghhhhh

@Scarlett Thanks. Not visited a doc.. no breathing problems. Blore weather is bad.. rain and chills a min and then sunshine and heat the next .. everyone around me is falling ill!!!