Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Govt offices : not so bad after all!!!

Today i walked over to the BSNL office... i wanted to take an application form for a landline connection!!! Just the thought of actually going there was making me make umpteen faces... and i was so not looking forward to it.. the thought of standing in some queue because people are busy eating/ drinking tea.. rude responses.. unhelpful people..

But i was in for a pleasant surprise!!!

a) There was no rush.. the place was practically empty.. actually i got scared that i crossed the road over for nothing as they might be closed or something.. yes yes, BSNL office is just across the road (i hate crossing roads.. but more on that in some other post)..

b) But anyway the watchman guided me to the right place.. and very sweetly too.. normally i would have thought they ignore any query!!!

c) As i walked in, there were no directions given as to where i am supposed to collect the form from.. so i just walked in to some cabin i saw.. and that guy instead of getting annoyed, sent me to the right place!!

d) Another cabin.. this time the right one.. the guy immediately took out the application form.. hold your breath.. offered me a seat!!! And then while speaking to him about the documents required, my phone rang and i was on the phone for about a minute.. that man waited patiently.. and then answered all my questions!!

e) When i asked about when we would get the connection, he told me that while the area does not fall under him, he will try to figure it out . He was most helpful !!!! He said that he will get it done. Exceedingly sweet and i was totally zapped!!! And no, no money exchanged hands. This entire thing took just 5 mins!!!!

Maybe experiences at DU / some public sector banks have coloured my perceptions... at that time, to get anything done (even a 5 mins job) used to be a full day affair!!! One would be sent one window after the other.. window no 10.. 36.. 2.. 24.. and after many attempts when you finally reach the right place, the window would be about to close!!!

Things have changed perhaps!!!! I am so happy and amazed at this wondrous experience!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

There is something to be said about the way PSUs are getting their act together these days. I started having to pay my own electricity bill after I moved to call. Didn't pay two bills b/c I was dreading going to the CESC office. But finally, I had to drag myself there or they would've cut my power! The office was a pleasant surprise. The queue wasn't long even though it was a Saturday...they had enough counters serving customers. The cashiers were reasonably polite & didn't make a face when they had to translate what they said in Bong, into Hindi. Oh BTW...Govt. offices in South India are generally supposed to be more professional & efficient. That's the perception at least. 'Babu' culture plagues North India more.

Moonshine said...

Is it? I had a good experience at andhra bank too!!! Maybe things have changed!!! Its not the old PSU experience anymore!!!