Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Its been 2 weeks.. or is it more?

Hello people. Been quite a while since i blogged. Blame it on the work!!! And while i have been away, Knife has gone to Switzerland and Scarlett has become Ash!!!!! :)

Work has been really hectic.. was working weekend before last (sadly so).. and been working really late nights till Thursday last week..

Spent this full weekend recuperating!!! Though even now i feel exhausted.. old age setting in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmphhh...

And i am generally irritated.. and down.. with all the work.. and also could not spend much time spent with my husband this weekend.. more hhhmmmmmppphhh...

And the one day he had an off, rather the entire world and its brother enjoyed the long weekend ... guess who was working!!!!!

All this has basically put me in an "under the weather" mood!!! And i am p*****d off with various people!!!! So that does not help either!!!

Now that i have got all this off my chest.. sigh (a deep breath)... on to better things
Please read Bill Bryson!!! He is so funny... you cannot help laughing out loud..

Am reading Alexander now!! Its a combination of fact and fiction i guess.. told in a story like manner. Quite interesting.. the book says Alexander was a bi !!!


When will any good movie release?? Cannot watch Dil Bole Haddipa.. Wanted would be anyday a better option.. Salman Khan this weekend.. maybe!!

Fear factor is quite a cool show! Its genuinely about fear than grossness and cheap thrills!!! Though we love cheap thrills too.. lol

And Akshay Kumar in this show .... rocks!!!! He has a very corny sense of humour!!!!!
I have some 10 friends request on FB.. they all sit there and stare at me sliently.. berating me.. blinking at me and making me feel miserable.. But i need to be strong.. i WILL NOT add them!!!!!!

Its time for festivals.. i am not feeling festive yet.. Blore is the wrong place to be in for Diwali / Dusshera :(

I got some 4-5 salwaar kameez stitched .. its the new tailor you see.. and ever since i have found him, i cant stop buying material.. you never know when one needs to move and then start the hunt for a new tailor!!!!!

No breakfast the last 2 weeks... it stopped even before it started.. a failure??? Naahhh.. if you dont succeed, try try try again


Got a temporary hair straightening done.. its looking so nice (even if i am the one who says so)... everyone at work actually also complimented me.. and everyone has been telling me to get permanent straightening done!!!!! It looks brilliant.. i am just worried how it will look once my hair grows.. half wavy and half straightened...

Permanent.. temporary... permanent.. temporary.. permanent... gaaaahh.. i am stressed.. tell me what to do!!!


Scarlett said...

Please DO NOT watch wanted. Do you even bother watching Salman Khan's movies anymore??

And I agree on the 'Akshay Kumar' being a dude bit. More on that on my blog...soon!

Moonshine said...

Salman Khan whatever said and done is cool... wanted got 4 stars too in the paper!!! Might watch .. lets see!!!

Scarlett said...

He's a dude...I'm not arguing that. Just that I don't think his movies are targeted at people like us :)
I thought 'Wanted' got very bad reviews?

Moonshine said...

4 stars apparently!!!! :)

Actually on second thoughts.. will end up skipping this one :)