Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whatever you do, dont ask me to make upma

What does it take to put in a post early morning (11am is early!!!).. and that too on a Saturday!!!!!!! A drippy upma...... yes thats what it takes!!!!

So the thing is.. here i am bright and awake early (i woke up at 9am) on a Saturday!!!! I had no intentions of making anything.. i mean thats not what i think of, on Saturday mornings when i wake up.. or any morning for that matter!!!

I run into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, post consumption of which, i am really awake... and i actually start responding to my name.. till then i am in some world far far far away!!!

So the nature of events today .. pretty much the same.. tea + newspaper.. and then i spoke to my mom. It was she who insisted i should make breakfast. The thing is on a Saturday, i either make breakfast or lunch.. because by the time i finish making breakfast, its time for lunch. So usually lunch is what you will get at my place over weekends. Also what helps the matter along a bit more is that hubby is asleep (he works till morning almost).. so i am even more resistant to the idea of making breakfast for 1!!!

But today mom motivated me.. egged me on to make something.. so i decided to make upma!!! I had some cut onions / tomatoes/green chillies already in my fridge.. and finally i thought why not!!!

I havent made upma many times.. rather i have probably made it (including this once).. twice!!!! And the first time was a long time ago with general directions being given by mom over the phone and husband (he knows how to make it). So I do know the basic principles of making upma!! Or so i thought.

I roasted rawa.. then sauteed onions / tomatoes/ green chillies.. added salt/ red chilly powder.. and then added the roasted upma.. and then added water.. now like i said i thought i did know the basic principles of making it.. lots of water to a little rawa .. errrrrrr ..something like that.. and confidently for about 1/4th cup rawa i put 1 cup water.. some doubts.. half a cup more.. and one more question in mind , a faint recollection of someone saying you need to cook it in a lot of water.. added 1 more cup!!!!

Took about half an hour - 40 mins for the water to evaporate.. well almost evaporate.. then in frustration i just switched off the gas!!! It looked a little like halwa.. i ate it.. it was not bad.. if you can get over the appearance of it.. looked like upma beaten in a mixie with water!!!

But anyway.. its not that it is the love of my life either.. i used to hate it as a child.. as an adult i can tolerate it.. living alone (i mean when cooked food stops magically appearing on your table) i do not say no to anything... i love home cooked food... i am able to tolerate anything.. well most of it!!!! And now i am ok with my old pet hates .. upma / bharta / saag etc .. i think its also got to do with living in a hostel!!! Everything just balances out!!!

So anyway... hopefully next time... it will be better.. rather, next time, i will call up and ask the experts (mom)!!!!!


The knife said...

I try to drag myself to candies for breakfast when i wake up.

Hat's off to you. ordering from sardar would have been simpler ;)

Moonshine said...

lol... which is why most weekends i end up skipping breakfast.. too much effort!!!! In bombay we used to go to madras cafe almost every sunday!!!

Scarlett said...

Funny...upma, poha...these are things even I hated as a kid. We used to see a lot of these things for breakfast & tiffin (for school). But now that I live on my own, I'm OK with them. Even learnt to make them. My upma is OK now - my mom makes it pretty much the same way you did except she adds curry leaves & mustard seeds, I think. But my poha still turns out soggy, so I've stopped making it. You can buy MTR's upma mix BTW...only need to add water but I'm guessing that's the tough part? :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I too am ok with upma/ poha now.. in the bombay office canteen.. that was my standard breakfast!!! My poha turns out pretty fine.. Upma i still need to figure out i guess.. i add mustard seeds and kari patta too :)

Tried that MTR upma once.. did nto like it at all!!! More convenient to make it on one's own i think!!!