Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 8 course dinner...phew!!!

Back from S'pore ... We had this full non vegetarian dinner at a restaurant in the hotel where we stayed...

We walked in and they just asked us one thing - veg or non veg (I opted for non veg).. they seated us and then brought us stuff one by one to the table... so here's the course..

1) Scallops in mustard sauce - this one was really nice.. a very small portion though.. loved the mustard sauce flavour .. yummy
And after this dish, our happiness (all of us at the table) ended....

2) Item no 2 was shark fin and crab soup.. uh.. well, i tried.. it tasted ok.. very mildly flavoured.. there were onions slices.. which looked like fins.. could not get to eat that.. i had about 1/4th.. no no 1/5th of the soup!!!

3) Bacon and seaweed roll - bacon was nice.. i did not have the heart to try seaweed.. once had seaweed cookies.. i still get that taste in my mouth at times!!!!

4)Steamed live hock - before we got this dish, i went around asking everyone at the table if they had any clue of what this thing was.. it was fish they told me.. spent quite sometime wondering why was it "live" and was extremely curious to know what would we finally get... it was steamed "dead" fish (!!!).. hahahaha.. it was ok.. the sauce was nice but very less.. it was as good as eating steamed fish!!!

5) Roasted duck - someone at my table said" i dont like duck" - they did not mention any reason though.. of course i soon found out! When i started eating.. i was like.. hey this is like chicken, so tell me again why dont you like it.. but then i went on chewing it.. i chewed it for 5 mins.. and then could not get it down my throat.. i forced it down gulping lots of water and coke and fortunately i was able to keep it down as well!!!! Its after taste is soooooooooo strong!!!!

6) Some veggies and tofu.. I was so happy when i heard veggies are next.. as you can see i was almost done with the non veg bit.... but to my horror...the greens looked limp.. you wouldnt feel like eating it at all!!! the tofu.. 2 bites , thats all you can manage!!

7) Steamed noodles in shark bone stock.. whats with them and sharks!!!!! It smells like crazy.. its an achievement to be able to dig in!!! I was brave enough to try a bite.. but the smell is too overpowering!!!

8) Dessert finally... it was mango something with sabudana (dont know what its called in english) and another fruit that i havent heard of and now i dont remember.. i ate all the mangoes in any case!!!

A pat to myself on my back.. at least i tried!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

In multi-course meals, the portions of each dish served are generally small. This is b/c you'd be eating many rounds & they don't want to fill you up in the first couple of rounds itself.

If you don't have the stomach for seafood that goes beyond fish, it's better to opt for vegetarian food - though that would be sad as well. Unfortunately, most coastal/Chinese-dominated countries are heavy on exotic sea food.

Moonshine said...

I dont mind scallops / prawns / fish / squid too is ok.. i just felt like trying these exotic dishes.. didnt want to chicken out!!! :) But the next day for lunch i had gobi / paneer and rice to compensate!! lol

the-mommie said...

that must have been quite an experience! :)

i remember having sharkfinn soup once and really liking it! one of the indian chinese places - smthg-dragon or dragon smthg it was called. guess the flavours were also customised to indian tastes then! :)

i know wot u mean about trying the ultra 'exotic'! i tried sushi for the first time a few days back and just couldn't bring myself to eat raw octopus! i did finally have one roll of the with the octopus - and quite honestly it wasn't so bad. but the thought of having raw octopus was just too much! i just couldn't eat the 2nd piece. gladly handed it over to the husband who gobbled it up w/o prob!

Moonshine said...

@Mommie In Goa you get Shark masala etc but thats made the Indian way.. so i guess it would taste similar to other meat curries!!!

Sushi - couldnt bring myself to try it.. its more the thought of it than the taste i think!!! Maybe i will get over it someday. Mind over matter!

Whats with men and eating everything in sight!!! A had sushi last weekend.. eel sushi!!!