Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A special.. coming right up : Cooking shows :)

Joy to the world!!! Comp has started working yet again!!!! Thank you thank you.. bless you.. muaaahhh.. A :)

Ok, so now that my life is complete and back on track.. :))

I like watching travel shows / food shows!!! I am very fascinated by cooking shows.. i dont know why.. maybe because many years ago, my mom used to watch these shows every sunday morning (and i used to watch it too for the want doing something better on sunday mornings)... and generally, i like seeing the entire process of chopping, frying.. making something delicious of things that dont look like much in their original state.. of course what helps now is that i like food as well!!! And it shows too!!! Some of the shows that i watch now or used to watch.. programmes you tend to stay on when channel surfing -

Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana - my earliest memory is that of this guy's cooking shows.. that my mom used to watch.. watches even now faithfully!! Actually that guy makes everything look so simple!! And i think it was he who changed the face of Indian Cooking shows!!

No reservations - But of course. I love Anthony Bourdain!! That man can eat anything.. can do anything!!! Its quite adventurous.. watching this show.. you never know what are you going to be seeing next!!

Lock, stock and 2 smoking tikkas- This one used to come on NDTV Good Times.. a chef called Marut Sikka and he used to make regional cuisines.. and would make it extremely simple.. in fact i have written down a couple of his recipes.. Murgh do piaza was one.. turned out ok too!! The rest i confess i am yet to try!!

Nigella Feasts - One has to, has to, watch this show.. it is all about her close ups and food close ups.. she is quite pretty.. and is always shown to be munching on something..

Top Chef - Honestly, i like this one better than Hell's kitchen (saying this even though do like Gordon Ramsay.. well , who wouldnt!!)... I like watching the challenges.. the competing chefs come up with such original stuff !! I love watching them put things together and come up with a totally new dish.. its very very fascinating. In fact i remember one the challenges to be .. to prepare breakfast for 40 surfers.. keeping in mind that they are had to come up with healthy stuff but enough to feed their hunger.. it was awesome.. just watching all of them in action!!!

Highway on my plate - This one is on NDTV good times.. there are these 2 men who travel on highways.. and eat at all the dhabas possible!! Its fun to watch them gobble up all kinds of food.. today i learnt (just now), there is a sweet called palangtod in Punjab!!!

Chak De India - How much does this guy eat, i wonder everytime.. again comes on NDTV Good times.. he visits various places.. and eats up everything in sight.. and he is lean!!! How???? Just 2 days back i was watching this show.. he ordered the entire rann (the restaurant ppl say that you can order this only if there are 4 ppl) .. mutton paya and some one more chicken/mutton dish and proceedd to eat every thing!!!! Geez.. quite entertaining though!

Foodie : Does this come on Times Now or CNN IBN.. not sure.. but this guy, Kunal Vijaykar, literally drools over the food being prepared.. you can almost see it!!! He loves his food and the name of the show is very apt too!!! :)

I also have watched Kylie Kwong.. Floyd's India.. and many many cooking shows.. remember Yan can cook? lol

Whats your favourite?


Saltwater Blues said...

I watched Top Chef for the first time last weekend. Great show, and not just because Padma Lakshmi was looking awesome!

Scarlett said...

I like watching No Reservations & Nigella though I prefer travel shows to cooking shows.

When do their air 'Top Chef'?

Moonshine said...

@Saltwater Blues - Thanks for dropping in. Yes, it is quite an amazing show though i am never able to keep track of it.. have always coem across it when surfing!! Wonder if the current one is a rerun or a new one!! Quite like Padma in that show.. she has right amount of snob/ uppity kind of attitude required.

@ Scarlett Travel shows are fun too... but try watching Highway on my plate..

Top chef.. i have no idea about the timings.. will check and tell you!!

The knife said...

I dislike most Indian food shows. Even Kunal V who is one of the better ones is just about Ok. even the production quality is weak.

My favourites are Bourdain (more travel than food), Floyd (the sheer effort of grandpa is touching, Nigella (such indulgence, lovely smile and much more which I won't say in public), and Bobby Chin's Asia Food or something and the chubby and energetic Jamie Oliver

The knife said...

Highway on my plate is a copy of Hairy Bikers..the latter is fantastic

Scarlett said...

I know exactly what The Knife means by "much more that he won't say in public"...LOL. BTW...she has a zillion children!! Good lord...

Moonshine said...

@Knife Yes you are right, its similar to Hairy biker.. fun nevertheless!!! I like the Indian shows i mentioned.. the traditional indian cooking shows (marut sikka one etc) can be slightly boring... but i find the recipes simple to follow and try!!!

And what can one say about Nigella.. all men (husband included) like her;).. have you noticed.. she glows..

@Scarlettt Really!!!!!!!!!!!

the-mommie said...

So after much pestering from you, I am atleast back to commenting!! :D

Totally in tune with your cookery show / travel show fondness. I do that too! Even now, when half the stuff I'm watching is in an alien language!! LOL.

I HAVE to say this, Nigella is actually quite a fav even though the show is kind of bordering on soft porn or smthg!! The camera angles are just......!!!!!! My father-in-law (!) is a little bit in love with her I think! :D

Totally LOVE "Jamie at Home". He has really neat recipes. And very healthy too!!

And with travel shows, I like Samantha Brown's shows. And nowadays have been watching her DisneyLand/DisneyWorld series very keenly!

The knife said...

moonshine...I think Sacrlett, the - mommie were spot on. She glows? Never noticed that ;) But then the same works for bourdain and women.

Actually I don't like cooker programmes as i never cook from recipes. Love food programmes instead.

Am reading Simon Majumdar's 'Eat My Globe' right now. A riot

Moonshine said...

@Mommie Yay!! You are back :) Now that you are, respond to the Tags!!! :) I think all men like Nigella... lol..

@Knife Yes, i think Nigella is to men , what Bourdain is to women (dreamy eyed look on my face again.. sigh).. and of all the people, you definitely dont need to follow recipes!!!! Still remember your pasta recipe though did not make it after that day :)... Will pick this book up.. try Shobha Narayanan.. she was good .. i think!!

The knife said...

Thanks Moonshine, you really flatter me and make me feel good :) But I was giving a friend the recipe to steamed hilsa in F B through my backache last night

Moonshine said...

Give also some very simple, uncomplicated fish recipes.. will try it.. as of now can make fish fry :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen Top Chef and I really like 'Nigella's bites' as well. Have you seen Kylie Kwong's show as well.. yumm food.. she says 'Fat = Tasty' and I agree with her! :)

Priyanka said...

Chanced upon your blog thanks to Scarlett's. And am glad I did!
Agree with everyone here about Nigella. And Jaime - he is really good!
Oh and Top Chef airs every Monday at 10 though they do have a repeat on Sunday evenings.

Moonshine said...

@Moonstruck... i have watched kylie kwong.. i love watching her chop stuff, weird as it may sound!!!

@Priyanka Thanks a lot for dropping in and posting a comment :) Mondays at 10, mondays at 10.. i am trying to etch it in my brain :)