Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Always carry your cell phone with you

As i discovered the truth behind statement 2 days ago!!! I went to Hyderabad over the weekend. I was at my in laws place. We had to go out somewhere.. so i went to get ready! Now I shut the door of the bedroom ... went to the washroom, showered.. got ready by 10.30am (we had to leave at 11).. so there was a good half an hour..

And i tried to pull the door open.. it just wouldnt open.. i tried everything.. pulling the knob.. pulling the knob and the bolt together etc etc... nothing worked.. my hands were smarting!!! They are smarting even now!!! And then i knocked.. first politely, then loudly.. called out... to no avail.. i was on the 1st floor while everyone was the ground floor or so i thought!!! Anyway, then i spotted a cell phone.. and had this bright idea that i could call someone.. somebody's number will be there on that cell.. I put it on and it said.. recharge battery!!!!

After much knocking and trying to pry open the lock using a measuring tape (why.. dont ask me).. finally someone came looking for me as we were getting late!!! I came out and just by the side of the bedroom sat my husband.. blissfully unaware of everything.. apparently he did not hear me knocking or shouting (or so he says)!!!!

Moral of the story , according to husband - go to the gym .. at least you should be able to open the door
Moral of the story according to me - carry your cell.. even if you go the loo.. you never know when you may need help!!!

And this was validated by a girl getting stuck in our office loo today... she had her cell so she called someone.. a crowd gathered.. finally the door was kicked open a la movie style!!! lol

So always carry your phone.. no matter what.. lesson learnt the hard way.. at least by me!!!!


Scarlett said...

Moral 3 of the story - Make sure your cell phone is ALWAYS charged.

BTW, I thought women were the complicated lot, not men. "Not being able to open the door = go to the gym more often" is slightly complicated logic.

The knife said...

helps if you are addicted to facebook mobile

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Very True.. Not being able to open the door = low strength = go to gym!!!
And my husband needs to do ti himself to declare that the door is actually not opening!! A few days back, i complained that our key was getting stuck.. he refused to believe me till he actually tried it himself and the door did not open..now he finally agrees that there is some problem with the key!!!!!

@Knife something like the 2 kids did, when they fell into the sewer and the first thing they did was update their status message!!! :)

the-mommie said...

geez! n i thot things like this were only possible if u have a incorrigble toddler in the house!

but to be fair, i've been stuck in the loo at one of office parties!! thankfully, it was more of a eat-out get-together typ thingy than a full blown dancing the night away variety! so people did miss me and AND i had my cell phone on me so they did hear the ringing!! had to have the door kicked in - while i was trapped in a 4x4 cramped space - standing on top of the wc so the damn door wldn't hit me when it ricocheted off the hinges!!