Monday, October 19, 2009

10 things i wish i would have done by time i am 35

1) Learn swimming - Ever since i started working, i wanted to learn 3 things - swimming, driving (which i did) and the third thing i cannot, for the life of me, remember!!!! Learning how to swim is a story in itself.. i cant say that i have not tried!! I did try... in Bombay wherein i figured out where i could learn.. but then we shifted to Blore.. here too i have found a place.. but i hear that its too crowded and instructors dont take care!!! And i dont care much for drowning (hahahaa) So as of now its status quo...

2) Learn a language - French / German / Spanish - any language.. i havent even researched anything on this yet!!!

3) Learn my own language - I can speak in Malayalam (just about).. but dont know how to read and write!! Well i did try.. as a kid during vacations.. but you know what happens.. you come back post vacations, get back to school and out goes everything else!! I tried again after i started working.. a friend tried to teach me.. but she left the company in a fortnight.. and now finally i have bought the "learn to read and write malayalam in 10 days" but i must confess i havent done anything.. now i have had this book for a year.. i must make a start!!!!

4) Learn salsa - actually any western dance form.. it looks fun.. currently all i do is free style govinda type of dance!!! :)

5) Participate in a marathon - I have been wanting to do that but not been able to manage it yet!! Love the idea of being able to run (the idea i said) the full marathon!!!

6) Play a sport with husband - I learnt TT as i mentioned in one of my previous posts... so finally have been able to figure out at least one sport that we can play together!! I am happy.

7) Teach - My antenna has been up on the social bit for quite a while. This again i have tried to do but not been able to.. the timings did not match my work hours.. more recently tried to do it through the Teach India campaign.. same problem!!

8) Travel - Take at least 3-4 weekend breaks a year!! And one long trip. This year managed only 2 weekend breaks. And no long trip!! :( I definitely want to visit the North East, Ladakh, Andamans and Lakshadweep!!! And a 10 days driving holiday to goa / kerala.. somewhere!!! I am not very particular about where we go on international trips.. anywhere is good as long as we go!!

9) At least plan, if not do, to do something of my own

10) Sing songs loudly and not feel embarrassed!!! :)

And i tag mommie!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

Yeah, I can definitely see you running a marathon...Haha!!

Moonshine said...

rofl.. you are supposed to be motivating!!!

Scarlett said...

I'll motivate you to learn swimming but running the marathon is a LITTLE unrealistic, don't you think? LOL

Moonshine said...

Its not!!! So many ppl participate.. and its not that their fitness levels are high!!!

At least 7kms i can run Ash!!! :) Or jog.. or limp...

Scarlett said...

Haha...people participate but you're not one of those people!! No offense...LOL

Can you walk 7kms? I doubt that too. And I'm not saying you can't participate in the marathon b/c of your fitness levels! You're too thin to endure such strenuous exercise! You'll melt by the time you even finish walking the 7 kms!!!

Moonshine said...

I think i can endure.. walking!!!! I think or feel i will be able to manage!!! :)

the-mommie said...

remember that half-marathon ka add they had - hutch/vodafone/airtel i forget - but anyways they had these kids running all over the place and they spoke about the joy of running. Did u put in a post about that sometime back? - i forget that too! well, ur little note on running marathons reminded me of that.

n the bit about learning a new lang, totally agree! i've always had a fascination for french, but now i guess we know wot lang i'm going to necessarily have to pick up! :)

Moonshine said...

You can teach me when i visit you :)

I dont remember putting any post on marathons!!