Thursday, October 22, 2009

Decisions Decisions.. somebody help!!!

So heres the thing..

I am supposed to go for a conference in S'pore.

What the heck does one wear at such things?????????????????? Should i take my Salwar Kameez .. the formal ones i wear to presentations? Or Western formals? Only thing is i would need to buy nice trousers.... And if western formals, can i wear formal skirts? Or will it look cheesy? With formal skirts, what kind of tops can one wear?

Please please help...

And one more question.. there is a dinner that is hosted there before the start of the conference.. what do i wear to that? Last weekend, i picked up a black formal knee length skirt.. i also picked up a slightly shiny blue shirt (shine is because of the satin like feel .. pic below, not very clear i know) with it..

can i wear it? Will it be too bling? Jeans is too casual right?

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