Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue : Wheres the story dude

Ok, so here's a question - What do you do when some gun toting goons break into your house and yell surprise...
a) find a place to hide
b) yell in terror and run away
c) find your sunglasses and wear them

Well, the answer is... as per the movie Blue... (c)

Thats what Sanjay Dutt does.. he and Lara Dutta are eating when gangsters break into their house and the first thing.. THE FIRST THING that he can think of wear his shades!!!!!

So this should give you a fair idea of how the movie was!! Not bad at all!!! rofl

Well, you gotta give it to the director... he has tried to make something different.. never seen a hindi movie with all these underwater sequences with actors diving into the deep blue sea , almost through the movie!!! Though somewhere, in between these sequences, he seems to have forgotten about the storyline bit.... A small miss.. a hiccup..

Why do we need a story anyway? For what purpose? Nahhhhh... When you have a good looking dude (Akshay Kumar) and sexy dudette (Lara Dutta).. And add a few breathtaking underwater dont need a story really.. I mean really!!!

The above mentioned look really hot.. absolutely sizzling!!! Sanjay Dutt though looks grey.. old.. paunchy (specially in the divers suit) and tired.. his paunch protrudes throughout the movie.. hey, i know i too have a paunch.. but look, i am not supposed to be some kind of a heroine, am i!!! So anyway, he looks like Lara Dutta's father!!! She should have been paired with AK!!!

And Zayed Khan.. well he is there..a blur... in the movie.. who cares really!!!

Coming to AK.. well like i said, he's the dude.. i quite like him.. especially post Fear Factor!!! He looks awesome.. And his new look with a salt and pepper goatee and tatoos looks fab!!!

Basically forget the story... if you like AK or Lara.. watch it for sure!!!

Oh oh.. and the songs are quite good.. Chiggy wiggy is nice.. but there are songs that are better...the title track, blue.. Fiqrana (i love this song).. Shararaa (the song on the beach)!!!


Scarlett said...

I think I'll watch 'Blue' just for that 'sunglass' scene (that's a very Rajnikant thing to do!) & to see his paunch, especially in the diving suit. It'll be hilarious!

I've heard really bad reviews of the movie but I still might watch it b/c it's different. Though I know I'll feel positively miserable after watching Lara Dutta in a bikini :(

Moonshine said...

rofl.. well yes it is hilarious!!! Watch it with friends.. you will have a good time!!!

lara dutta looks awesome!!!

the-mommie said...

since all old and doddering, maybe his sunglasses are powered and he can't see who's come barging into his house without them on! eh? ;)