Monday, October 19, 2009

Wake up Sid.. yawwnnn..

I did yawn quite a bit through the movie!!!

Well, its a cute movie.. kind of... the main character Sid takes off from where the character Akash from Dil Chahta hai left off!!!

Ranbir Kapoor is quite refreshing as Sid.. the role in itself is like a breath of fresh air.. pretty much like the college characters of Jaane Tu were.. thank god they did not have college kids declaring undying love.. fighting with goons.. they are normal college kids.. who party.. flunk.. quite a normal life.. and thank god they look like normal college kids.. unlike SRK and party who till date play college kids wearing tight Tees!!!

So Ranbir Kapoor does exemplify the normal urban college going kid. He is quite cool and really endearing!!! Who wouldnt want a friend like that (Dream on!!!) ..The initial bit of movie is fun..

He finds Konkana (the older woman) at a party.. and they live together, as friends mind you! From there on, the movie gets boring..

Many yawns later.. she find a job.. he finds a job.. she wants an older guy (Rahul Khanna).. this guy i.e. Rahul Khanna, plays the same role (of the non fun but sophisticated dude) in every movie (remember Love Aaj Kal).. its exactly the same role!! Why, i ask?

But anyway, to get on with the movie... rahul khanna takes her for sophisticated jazz concerts.. she is not able to appreciate it.. and realises that she actually has fun throwing water at the younger guy... or eating jam sandwiches..(blech!!!).. she is young at heart..a college student!!!!!

So in the end, she realises she actually loves the younger, freshly graduated (or rather not graduated) boy!!!

Oh and she is 27.. and he must be.. (when did we graduate, yaar)..20 yrs old.. yawn!!!

Its a nice, ok type of a movie... at least something different attempted... maybe teenagers can identify with the movie.. it does give them hope that that their crushes on older women may actually come true.. ho hum..


Scarlett said...

Two posts from you in a day! YAY!! That too in the MIDDLE of the day :)

Never felt motivated enough to watch 'Wake Up Sid'. Thought it would be a combination of Dil Chahta Hai & Laqshya, in terms of story that is. Besides, Konkona Sen Sharma always plays similar roles.

And I really want to know why Rahul Khanna does exactly identical & bit roles. He's so talented! He shouldn't bother with Hindi cinema. There's so much international cinema happening these days...and I don't mean Hollywood. He's better suited for that! Definitely not for being dumped by some brainless chick for a funny looking Saif Ali Khan!!

Moonshine said...

2 posts in a day.. and i am contemplating a 3rd one!!!! lol

Wake up Sid is a combination of these 2.. yet slightly different..

Rahul Khanna gets to be dumped for Ranbir Kapoor / Saif Khan.. really sad.. what days have come!!!

the-mommie said...

i'm coming in late here, so yeah totally agree with u both on the rahul khanna bit - why is he not getting/doing smthg different and/or meatier anymore?!

about the movie, its nice enough, but honestly, the casting is quite screwed up! ranbir kapoor and konkana - NO! i know i'm going to sound horrible and very superficial here, but seriously she's just very bad looking when u stand her up next to ranbir kapoor! i do like her as an actor n all that but this just did not work for me.