Saturday, October 31, 2009

On borrowed time

My computer refuses to switch on!! So i just connected to A's laptop ... was positively facing withdrawal symptoms.. I mean not that i was posting everyday.. but at least i was reading posts everyday and i could post if i wanted to.. i had the option!! Now that the option is suddenly cut off.. i feel completely cut off .. and was all annoyed and irritated.. which i have been nicely taking out on my husband!!! I mean.. this is a big part of my life.. if i am not compulsorily able to talk to through this medium.. then there is a big big problem!!!

This entire week i have been trying to find a solution!!

Well, i bought a new blackberry :) and bid adieu to my favourite favourite phone that A gave, one with all the videos of my niece from the time she couldnt walk..till now (shes turning 4), one that has countless pictures of Bombay, one that has countless videos of old friends (some drunk!!).. one that has my favourite messages.. from husband.. friends.. my best friend's baby's first pic.. a message from AB (you are right.. THE AB.. another story .. reserved for another time)...

It was a Motorola V3i.. a super phone.. my favourite phone.. and it was working quite fine.. its been 3.5 yrs since i got it.. only recently it started giving some trouble.. but nothing i couldnt live with..i am sure it would have worked for another 1 year at least!! So what if its an obsolete model now!! You all must think i am mad.. but i love that phone!! I am very very attached to it!!

But finally gave it up on A's insistence.. he did try this a few months back.. bought a new phone and made me use it (so that he could use my old phone).. i made so many faces that he is now using that phone.. but finally i gave in.. and bought a spanking new blackberry.. Blackberry Curve 8250. Costed me about 14 grand!!!

Its a nice phone.. can access internet.... but (to my dismay) not able to access blogger!!! :(

And it shows all the trail sms's like mail.. and i loaded music on it.. thats quite awesome!!And this is how it looks like... i am still exploring the phone.. been just a week..

So bye bye moto v3i ... :((

My quest to be able to blog through phone continues!!!


Scarlett said...

You're bang on about two things in this post - 1. About blogging being a big part of our lives. It would sound strange to people who don't blog but for those who do, it's a very important medium through which we express ourselves.
2. About MotoRazr v3i. I loved that phone too! Used it for 2 yrs then it started giving problems..but as in your case, it was nothing that I couldn't live with. Then I bought a Sony Ericsson which sucks...the only good part is the picture & sound quality. But I miss my Moto v3i :(

The knife said...

yes blogging's a big part of our lives. I blogged during our trip too.

Congrats on the new phone. Hope you didn't ose all the data

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I missed it like crazy.. and no my comp is not functional yet :( .. again posting from husband's laptop!! And i miss my V3i too .. but ah well, such is life!!

@Knife didnt K get annoyed when you were posting during the trip? :)

Thanks.. i transferred the videos and pics.. messages i couldnt :(

moonstruckbabblings said...

Motorola menu's were great..Blackberry's quite dependable too.. congrats on that! :)

Moonshine said...

@Moonstruck Thanks!!! Yeah, blackberry is nice too.. i guess it will take me some time to get used to it!! Moto V3i used to be very easy to navigate!!