Thursday, December 3, 2009

The miracle thats hot water

As you may have guessed by now, i was in a wedding till bout last week!! We were staying in this renovated house in a small town.. there were easily about 20 odd people staying there.. the house was big.. but 20 people is a bit of a stretch..

Sleeping was not so much of a problem.. but getting ready!!!!!!!! Oh dear me..

The first day of our stay there was fine as not many people were there.. we could get ready on our own time. but then everyone started trooping in.. we were (immediate family) sent upstairs along with our stuff.. so that we dont lose anything and are in a place with relatively less confusion!!!

The showers there... the place is recently renovated and hence no geysers !!! There was an electric rod to heat water.. but obviously preference was given to kids.. and with all the functions and running around happening, the priority was to get ready much in time.. to take a shower somehow and get ready in peace!!

So cold water was what it entailed...... cold cold cold water.. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. and everyday.. day after day... when washing hair too.. it used to take me 5 mins to motivate myself to get under the shower.. of course once you get under it, it was just a matter of seconds when you jump out!!!

I am a person who uses hot - lukewarm water, no matter what the outside temperature or season.. i love hot water!!!!!!!! Just lurrrvvveee hot water!!!

The first thing i did when i reached home...... switched on the geyser and took a shower with boiling hot water!!!!!! What a delight!!!


Scarlett said...

I too am a hot water person. Unless it's blistering hot outside, I like to add some hot water to my bathing water, just to kill the chill. And I hate staying in a house where the wedding is taking place, as much as I hate having people stay in my house during a wedding. When my sister got married, I begged, implored my parents not to have any house guests. They mess up your room, your bathroom, misplace your's complete horror!!

Moonshine said...

Well, i dont hate it.. thats bit of an extreme for me.. its fun when you are with so many people.. but at times, you just crave to be out of the madness!!!!