Monday, December 21, 2009

Nothing in particular: Rocket Singh, Avatar, Chicken in yoghurt, 2 states et all

Farewell thy desktop.. you have served us well!!!

Its been a long time since i logged in... and finally now that a laptop (not mine.. so the joy is shortlived) is handy, i can finally put in some kind of a post!!! Hopefully, will get a permanent solution soon..

Its been amazingly hectic.. did i mention that weekend before last i was in hyderabad for an afternoon and then in delhi on sunday and back in Blore on monday.... jet setting i am not.. i am still recovering from all our jaunts!!!

But while on Delhi, I had amazing tikkis.. though i did not get the time to go to my favourite place to eat tikkis / chaats / parathas/ bhature / chole kulche and the likes...


While all my blogger friends have suddenly ventured hi fi cooking (!!!!).. i also tried my hand at something new.. i havent tried continental stuff really.. a couple of weekends ago, we skipped lunch and we were very hungry in the evening.. that time of the day when you feel very hungry but dont feel like eating a full indian meal. So i checked recipe books, changed some things here and there and prepared chicken in yoghurt or something... marinated chicken breast in yoghurt, ginger garlic paste, paprika, pepper, salt, lime and mint leaves.. yeah thats about it i think.. after marinating (i put it in the fridge) for about half an hour - 40 mins, i fried it in very little oil. And that was one of my first attempts at continental food .. a proper chicken dish i mean.. turned out to be ok ok types...the only thing was that, there was too much chicken to eat just between the 2 of us.... so much so that we skipped dinner!!!
I watched Rocket Singh and Avatar... Rocket Singh i like.. what a nice movie.. i think everyone who is working can identify with the thoughts of entrepreneurship entering their minds some time in their worklife!!!! Ranbir Kapoor was great.. I thought Gauhar Khan was quite good.. I really liked Prem Chopra .. he looks and talks like a complete surd.. these guys have taken care of the smallest of things.. like an old crumbling switchboard that a colleague pointed out.. they did not need to have it in the movie.. it just seemed real.. pretty much like Khosla ka ghosla where you actually feel you are sitting in Delhi..

And what was real was the work life.. unlike many movies where they sit with empty files or with one piece of paper.. or like the scene in corporate where Bipasha Basu tells Minisha Lamba that its great that you are taking your parents out over the weekend.. in corporate life, you dont get to do that, kind of bull!!! In this movie, its as real as it gets!!! And i enjoyed it!!!

On the other hand lets come to Avatar... the most hyped movie of the decade.. its welll.. nice.. the 3D is quite cool.. the recreation of another world is super fab.. and then our seats were fab.. this is the first i watched a movie in the gold class..i was delighted with that experience... the super duper seats.. with cushions.. and a blanket, can you imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so kicked about it!!!!! This i discovered during the interval.. and then plush seats which has extendable legs, and reclining seats .. i should stop calling it seats.. i should call it sofa!!! But anyway, as you can see i was very taken by the "gold seat" experience.. i loved it...

Oh but wait, wasnt i talking about Avatar... oh well!!!! I liked the conceptualisation.. and eh ...the forest... and sam worthington (he's a dude).. hmmmmm... the movie of the decade..hmmm.. i wonder if people have responded under pressure (as this is James Cameron's 2nd movie post Titanic)... No, you say?? Hmmmm.... great seats though.. :))

I loved 2 states.. maybe it reminds me a little of my own story.. i did say a little.. we are from 2 states (though both from the the south)... a cute story.. though it does drag in some part.. but what i liked was that neither of the protagonists were shown to be politically correct.. people like you and me.. i found it really cute.. maybe because as a girl i have come across some of these situations being in delhi, a south indian in delhi i should say.. and at times even down south... funnily enough, when i was studying economics for graduation, a gentleman in delhi came upto me and said economics is not for girls.. we should study maths as thats only theory and girls are very good at mugging.. the counter point in south...
an aunty to me: what are you studying..
Me : economincs
Aunty : didnt get through engineering / medical? The expression being people even study Economics ??

A total timepass book that i loved reading... brings me back those old memories of the great north-south divide... could relate to it very well, having experience both sides
Yawn,.. i should participate in essay writing competition you think? lol.. Good night.


The knife said...

the gold seats would have been the best part of Avatar. i saw it with the office gang at Phoenix. Not Gold but still I slept like a baby through most of it...the parts i was up reminded me of Kurban storywise

Scarlett said...

I haven't yet watched Rocket Singh or Avatar :(

Re: 2 States - You're welcome :) Told you the girl reminded me of you, and that the story was similar to yours!

Moonshine said...

@Knife I am so glad you said that!!! I can hug you just for that!!!!!People at work have been coming to me to ask me for my opinion.. and the question usually is "how did you like it".. they are very disappointed with my response.. so now am telling people to watch it without taking opinion... very high expectations everyone has.. but on the other hand, there are these other set of people, who love it.. a colleague is going for it a second time now... in fact i have been told that till now i am the only one who did not LOVE it!!

@Scarlett :) Though i still am not sure why she reminds you of me... I am actually not able to figure her out. lol Maybe i will ask A. And catch up on movies.. though i have many many movies to go through.. a huge pile.. starting with paa!! This weekend 3 idiots is releasing..