Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you open your mouth to talk...

Be careful, is what i say!!! Not that this realisation occured today.. but yeah, it got reiterated today.

Whatever you say may not necessarily mean the same thing to the other.. whatever you say may not necessarily come out the way you meant it!!!! Everyone will not understand. You may end up sounding like a moron when all you wanted to be was philosophical.

*I am writing this post all over again!!! It saved the post.. at least showed that it saved.. why didn t it.. boohooo

In today's conversations i probably ended up sounding totally daft!!! I was not trying to be philosophical.. but you there are some moments when you feel everyone will understand.. we all have the same fears.. we all have some corny idiosyncrasies.. BEWARE OF THIS FEELING

A sample -

Me : you know whenever i stand in my balcony, i usually map escape/ exit routes.. there is a tree whose branches come upto my balcony.. so yeah thats the route.. or in my previous house.. i could jump on to one ledge.. to another from there.. to a window sill till i reach the ground.. its not being scared (of fire / being chased etc) and doing this.. i just do it. It happens quite unconsciously...
Others (conjecture) : its quite cool when jason bourne does it.. but you.. you.. you weirdo!!!

Me : i have these slippers at home.. I know one day i will slip and fall when wearing these.. its really slippery and i am accident prone
Others : Then why do you wear them?
Me : uhhhhhh
Others :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me : Whenever i stand on a precipice / high rise.. i am always morbidly curious.. what if i fall.. i literally sway.. its macabre i know.. then i take a step back immediately.. no i am not suicidal.

Others: are you crazy? why do we need to work such insane people

Me: The other day i was standing at the office stairs landing.. and suddenly realised that the railing just comes upto my waist.. so easy to topple over!!!

The others bit was all made up by me.. at least they didnt say these thinks outright. But you guys / fellow bloggers... you are quite cool and know what i mean.... Well, you do, dont you? Know and understand the psycho me? :)


Scarlett said...

Well, I do. And you know I do! B/c I have similar problems as you, just more serious. It's called putting-your-foot-in-your-mouth disease :)

Moonshine said...

Lol.. that i can never forget :) " no plans, we are just going to be on the road".. rofl

Thank god there are people like you too ;)

Haddock said...

Hey thats what we all do when we are small I suppose.....escape route... and the most adjacent tree is the best one.

Moonshine said...

@Haddock Thanks for dropping in... the key words in your comments being "when we were small"!!!!! lol .. and i never used to climb trees as a kid. Maybe in my past life :)