Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do I...

Been thinking about it for last 6-7 months...

Am i doing what i really want to do?
I like what i do.. but do i love it?
Do I feel happy everyday in the morning when i wake up?
Do I want to live / spend my life waking up grumpy most of the days thinking about the things i need to accomplish?
Am i satisfied?
Am i mentally stimulated? Am i energised?

A big NO to all of the above..

Does everyone face this? I discovered that some of us indeed do.. and i am happy that i am not alone!!!

I thought this was just a phase.. but apparently not..

Do something else.. but what... is a good question!!! And its a scary proposition.. what if it doesnt work, what if that is also something you do not like.. what then about your growth..

But then again, is anyone truly happy/ satisfied with whatever they are doing...

Questions, questions and more questions!!!!


The knife said...

welcome to the club

Scarlett said...

I'm on the same page as you :(

That makes THREE of us!!

Moonshine said...

so what is the solution.. rot in misery?