Monday, February 22, 2010

I like... the new coke ad

Starring Kalki Koechlin and Imran Khan.

What do i like... they look so cool together ... they are like a breath of fresh air. They look so right.. so fresh and young.. and really fresh.. nicely freshly normal as compared to the jaded stars / cricket heros that you need to see in every ad!!! I really like Kalki .. she was amazing in DevD.

And its one of my favourite songs playing in the background... tum jo mil gaye ho, to yeh lagta hai, yeh jahan mil gaya.. ek bhatke hue rahi ko caravan mil gaya ...

Its brilliant.. i dont remember / even think about the execution.

They have done a wonderful, a fabulous job of mixing music.. and everytime it plays, i just cant help but stop doing everything and watch it. Its stuck in my mind.


Scarlett said...

I was going to do a post on how I DON'T like this coke ad. LOL. Or the one before this - where a guy & a girl join hands and Coke travels from the guy's hand to the girl's. But coming back to this ad - I think the concept/execution is really lame. And I don't like Kalki Koechlin either.

LOL...Maybe I'll still do that post :)

Moonshine said...

lol.. great minds.. etc etc

I dont really care for the execution.. thats what i was trying to say. Concept also... the same.
The previous one, .. did not like the ad at all.

What i loved .. was the amazing music.. this is one of my favourite songs and i thought it was mixed quite well...

and i quite like Kalki Koechlin.. i loved her in Dev D.. i think there is a sense of freshness around these 2 people..non over exposed stars i guess.. normal clothes.. no make up.. and looking fresh. I cant explain it!!!

The knife said...

haven't seen the ad...reflection of how little TV i watch these days

Kalki seems quite sweet in real life ... from across the table

Moonshine said...

Real life!!!!! You have a Lara Dutta living next door.. and now Kalki too!! :p