Thursday, February 25, 2010

March 5th - mark your calenders

I saw the teaser for Road, Movie (yes, that is the name of the movie). And i am already dying to watch the movie.

Well of course it helps if you like Abhay Deol (Dev D, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye).. he was absolutely brilliant in these movies... it is difficult to believe that he comes from the same deol khandaan. .he does all unconventional roles which you can never think of, forget deols, only a few people doing. Quite unlike the screaming raving ranting roles you generally identify the family with.

And it is a movie by Dev Benegal.. anyone seen English August? Quite a movie. So how can one resist.

The movie is apparently about traveling cinema... seems really interesting, a topic. In case you want to know or read a bit more about it, check the following site..

So i am already anticipating a good movie. And the new version of the Tel Maalish song sounds very cool. I already want to watch it!!! Literally dying to..

Its releasing weekend after next.. March 5th. So book your tickets.. or wait for my take on the movie (if you would like to... i.e.) :)


Scarlett said...

It's releasing next Friday! I'm looking forward to it too - a good Hindi movie after a long time. MNIK totally swallowed up my brain cells. BTW...are you planning to watch Karthik Calling Karthik?

Moonshine said...

Look at us.. we have already proclaimed it to be a hit :)

Watching karthik calling krthik today!!! :) How bout you?