Monday, February 1, 2010

Tch tch...

This is my second post of the year and its the 1st of Feb!! Tch tch..

A sign of year to come... I sincerely pray and hope not!!!!

Its been quite hectic.. yada yada yada.. work..yada yada yada...boohoo..

No excuses for not posting except.. my laptop is still missing.. on its way to Blore.. somewhere someday together we 'll be babe.. you will take your time!!

So in the meantime, my old desktop has decided to work again today.. cannot waste this opportunity to write or deprive you of my soulful (!!!) writings...

We went to Pondicherry weekend before last.. it warm, balmy, sunshiney weather.. and i am a complete sunshine person.. We stayed at this beautiful hotel called De l'orient .. an old 18th century mansion that is now restored.. each room is different.. and we stayed in 3 different rooms every night - Room 1 (Yanaon) had a 4 poster old bed, high ceiling, equally tall doors and huge bathroom (as big as a bedroom)... Room 2(Masulipatnam) had a 4 poster old bed too.. and an open bathroom concept .. open meaning bathroom actually in the room separated by just a screen.. this we did not like so much... Room 3 (Karikal).. had a 4 poster bed which was about 3/4th my size in height and they had kept small wooden stairs to climb onto it!!!

The other highlight of the trip was that i wore a dress.. why you may think is worth a mention... i have been meaning to buy and wear summer dresses for a while.. i finally bought 2 summer dresses from S'pore last year.. and decided to wear it in pondicherry.. unfortunately, just before the trip, i fell sick.. horribly horrible cold.. all sniffly.. blocked.. it was bad.. but i was determined.. come what may.. i will wear THE dress!!! And so i did.. in the sunshine!!! Bliss!!! sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (thats the pleasure wala sigh)...

We also went to Mahabalipuram and it was awesome.. i promise i will post pictures of pondi and mahabs in the next post OR when the laptop is here.
Watched JFK last weekend.. and realised or remembered why is it that we so loved Kevin Costner.. swoon swoon.. swoon some more!!! And i gloated over my husband.. he had not seen it earlier.. and he is supposed to have good taste and keeps telling me that i should watch XYZ movie etc.. of course this is limited to English movies!!! At least there is something i got him to watch now!!! I loved the gloating!!! Over him i.e.
Why is it that men never do somehting women suggest.. example when i tell my hubby a movie is good, he will not want to watch it.. but if a colleague tell him.. he will come and suggest the same back to me.. this has actually happened twice.. once with my husband (Johnny Gadaar) and once my dad (Gangajal)!!! What is it with men...
We are planning to buy a house... i am already feeling financially bereft!!!!!!!!! (we are still looking for a house, not decided)... No money is new mantra... control control control.......................stretch stretch stretch........
am bored at work.. twiddle twiddle twiddle.. actually not twiddling.. theres too much work.. but theres no zing.. probably also underlined by my online self ostracism.. i know its the wrong word / usage.. but so what...just felt like saying it!!
Went to blossoms over weekend.. its this quaint old bookstore which offers a steady discount all the year round.. what discovery.. of course with money control thing, this works well.. also loved being there.. its like an old library/ bookstore.. the delicious smell of books.. musty books.. and lots of books.. you can find your treasure there.. i found mine.. 2 books by PGW that i havent read (hows that possible.. i thought i read/had everything).. but there are 2.. 2 FULL books to read.. i am ecstatic at my find!!!
Had hot hot andhra meal yesterday.. and now paying for it..
Now sleepy time... pray that the comp works tomorrow.. but i am already happy.. happy at being able to connect!!!!! :))


Scarlett said...

I really hope you start blogging more frequently again. We miss you here! :)

And men, being men, will never value what their wives/partners have to say. It reminds me of the Aamir Khan Tata Sky ad where he says "biwi toh ghar ki murgi hoti hai". I really think that's how men perceive their wives. Sigh!

The knife said...

hey good to hear from you. Pondi sounds really beautiful. hopefully we will go there someday

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett You are so sweet.. thanks so much!!! Missed you all too :) I am fervently hoping this comp works till the laptop comes in!!! :)

But I dont understand this behaviour.. why is it like this? On some things, i think they are ok with suggestions.. but on movies and books or anything related to vehicles.. they are like this!!! Maybe Knife should throw some light on this and give us the "other" perspective!!

@Knife Thanks so much!!! I am so happy at seeing both your messages!!

If you are an "activity" person, you may not like pondi too much.. if you are "walking"/ "not doing anything much" kind of person, you will like pondi.. i have had many people come up to me and say .. "but there's nothing to do in pondi"!!