Thursday, February 4, 2010


We have been planning to buy a house. While we did this when in Bombay too, but never has it been so serious...

Its tough.. seeing so many houses!! The toughest is the decision...

Should we stretch.. and buy a big place (big as per our standards i mean).. and then try to curtail our spending.. bringing it down by 1/3rds almost and cough up the excruciatingly painful amount every month...and then not travel too much.. not spend too much .. cut down on things we like... really pay through our nose.. worry about increments every year and wonder when will we finally heave a sigh of relief and think .. yeah, we can afford this now!!!

Should we take up a small place.. an ok types place and do it up well. And then live in peace with smaller EMIs.. even though some cutting down on expenses would be required..

Should we look at a central location? Should we look at a far off place but much cheaper and spacious.. should we should we not..

Its tough. This call!!! After seeing many places (i saw 1/3rd of what A saw.. just in case he is reading this :).. i thought i must mention it ... i definitely have had it , we both like one very much.. steep (a real real stretch for us).. but the house was so nice.. airy and spacious.. we could have even kept a dog... but then we tried to rationalise.. should we pay so much? and its not a society (this was my concern).. not many neighbours around.. what if there is an emergency.. I will be alone.. most of my life i have lived in a society while with A it has been the other way round.. so we have very contradicting views on this!!!

So finally.. we are back to square 1 .. the smaller society flat which we had seen earlier..a better deal for sure.. but something tells me this is not what we are looking for.. you know you get that feeling inside when you see a place!!! Am not sure actually. Maybe it is too..

So anyway.. we have decided to continue our house hunt for some more time.. and look at even more houses!!!

Decisions!!!! Hrrmmphhh.


Scarlett said...

This house-hunting thing must be tough on you guys. I hope you find something both of you feel "right" about. Soon :)

The knife said...

but surely after Mumbai big will not seem big :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Thanks!!!! I hope so too.. no luck yet!!!

@ Knife After Bombay, big seems bigger here.. lol..though its the reverse in INR :)